Why Are You A Christian?

The Father speaks

(Sunday 7th January 2024, 10:15)

If any man born through a woman opens his mouth and says, ‘I Am the Almighty God’ when I did not send him, if he lies down on his bed, he will never wake up because Lucifer himself - Satan will kill him. Some of you think My son Radiant wrote all the messages by himself. Who is he? He is a human being like you and a sinner, but I forgave him all his sins so I can use him to cleanse all of you because I created him for this purpose. I taught him everything from the grassroots. This was how I used Moses and My servants in the time of old. It’s not easy for any man I choose. I Am the Owner of the word. I Am the Owner of the message, not him. I Am the One speaking. I Am the Creator. There is no other creator. I Am the only One. I Am the One who created all of you. There is none before Me, and there won’t be anyone after Me. I Am All-In-All. I Am the Beginning, the Middle, and the Ending. I Am the same God that destroyed the Earth with flood. I Am the same God who parted the Red Sea. I Am the Ancient of Days. I Am the Great Oldman. I Am the Originator. I Am the Authority. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am Unbeatable God. I Am Untouchable God. I Am Unstoppable God. I Am Unaffordable God. I Am Unfathomable God. I Am Unchangeable God. I Am Omniscient God. I Am Omnipresent God. I Am Omnipotent God. I Am Omnicompetent God. I formed and created Myself. I exist by Myself and for Myself. I answer to nobody. Heaven is My throne, and this Earth is My farm. I come down now in the form of Man to speak to all of you. I can speak whatever I want to speak. I can talk whichever way I want to talk. I can speak in any language I want. I can speak in whatever tone I want. Nobody dare question Me. Nobody can arrest Me. Nobody can challenge Me. Nobody pushes Me to speak. I speak whenever I want to speak, and I don’t speak anyhow. Whenever I speak, I mean business. I Am the One who created all of you. All of you are My sons and daughters. None of you is bigger than Me. I Am a respecter of nobody. I speak because I want to cleanse you because all of you are dirty. If you’re angry because of My word, I know you by name, and I know where you live. I know when you sleep and wake up. I know when you go out and come in. I will deal with you and your generation. I Am speaking to all of you because I want you to remove your hands from evil. I hate evil. I hate sin. I hate abomination. I Am the Almighty God.

When I first appeared to this My son, I didn’t just appear alone because I Am on a mission on this Earth. I appeared to him in the form of Man. I came with My Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Three of Us spoke to him so he could differentiate between Us and also know the importance of the message We’re sending him. I don’t want to deliver My message to anyone who will change it to whatever he wants. Many of My servants have disappointed Me. When I looked at him, I knew he would deliver My word as I gave it to him. All of you love lies and deceit. Many of My children served Me in ignorance to the extent people of their days attested to it. At the end of the day, they died and went to Hellfire. The whole Earth is full of Christians and churches everywhere, yet none of you come to Heaven. Those who died gave excuses that their Pastors didn’t teach them everything they needed to know and do to enter Heaven. My Son Jesus took some of My children to Heaven and Hellfire. When they came back and narrated their ordeal, you people didn’t believe them. Some of them were discouraged as well because people thought they were lying. At the end of their journey, they went to Hellfire as well. I Am the Almighty God. What do you expect Me to do? Should I fold My hands and lose all of you? Satan is giving you what you love, through which He persuades you to Hellfire. I have now decided to come down in the form of Man to teach all of you what you don’t know. I have come to teach you through My son Radiant so he can teach all of you. Many of My servants use their education and human wisdom to interpret My word. As a result of this, they led all my children astray. They’ve shut the gate of Heaven to themselves. Heaven, they will not go, and they’ll not allow My children to enter as well. Anyone among you who loves himself should listen and make corrections before it’s too late. But if you say you want to challenge My word, you put yourself into a contest with Me. Can you fight Me? Can you contend with Me? Nobody battles with Me and wins. I Am always a Winner. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of life and death.

If you want to have peace on this Earth, if you want Me to visit your house and eat with you as I did with My children in the time of old, if you want the prison gate to open by itself, if you want Me to take over the affairs of your life, I want you to take the following steps. These are the things I used My Prophets to do in the time of old. But today, I cannot use anybody because the hands of My servants are dirty. Instead, I, Jesus Christ My Son and the Holy Spirit will come down and do it by Ourselves. My son, ask them how I answer their prayers whenever they pray. I hear everything you, your wife and children discuss inside your house. If Satan can use your discussions against you, imagine what I can do. If you want to go to an interview, something will happen, and you won’t get the job. If your wife tells you she's pregnant, the pregnancy will come down because Satan uses something against you. If Satan can do this, imagine what I can do. But I cannot stop Satan from tormenting you because you qualified for it. You deserved to be tormented! I cannot go against My word. Just as My son Lucifer violated My word, so also you. If you can take the following steps, you will celebrate in the end. I Am speaking to all Christians now. I Am the Almighty God.

1) You're a Christian; you've given your life to My Son Jesus before. But because the church is weak, you don't know your right from left because My Pastors are not preaching what they're supposed to preach. You only go there and warm the bench. Whenever you get home, you'll begin to commit sin again. You must give your life to Jesus Christ again. You must rededicate your life to Jesus Christ again. This is the first category. I Am the Almighty God.

2) You're a Christian, and you're committing sin because of your circumstances, because of what you're going through. You know well in your heart that's not what you should be doing. You must renew your covenant with Jesus Christ. You must give your life to Jesus Christ again. This is the second category. I Am the Almighty God.

3) You're in the church, but you've not given your life to Jesus Christ at all. You must give your life to Jesus. This is the third category.

I want you to wash your hands clean. As you hear My word, I will use it against you tomorrow. If you know you want to have peace on this Earth, search your heart. You know where you're coming from. You know the kind of life you've lived, even from your childhood. I want you to go and look for any of My servants and confess all your sins. You must confess all your sins, including the ones you committed as a child. If you see yourself in your dreams doing some of the things that are abominations to Me, you must confess everything. If any Pastor chases you away, he will not make Heaven. I Am the Almighty God.

Before Jesus Christ started His ministry, He went and confessed His sins to John the Baptist and was baptised. If Jesus Christ could do it and wasn't proud of Himself, what about you? He cleansed Himself from every sin. He didn't say I had introduced Him to this Earth before His arrival. He went to fast and pray after His baptism to cleanse Himself from every sin. If you want to come out of your predicament, if you don't want Satan to roast you like a chicken, if you don't want people to sell your glory, go and confess all your sins. It is better for you to do it now so you can be an abomination to Satan and demons.

After your confession, if you need to do restitution in any area, go and do it. There are some sins you committed, and you need to go to the person you offended and ask for forgiveness.

1) A woman removed pregnancy for you and remains barren because her womb was damaged in the process. As a result of this, she cannot marry anymore. The curse is upon you and your generation. Your own wife will become barren as well because of what you did. If she gives birth, she will give birth to vagabond children. Go and ask for her forgiveness. I Am the Almighty God.

2) You impregnated a woman, and you denied it. What you did cause that woman and the child a great pain. There is a curse upon you already. You must go and ask her for forgiveness. If she is dead, go to her family and ask for forgiveness. I Am the Almighty God.

3) You took somebody’s wife and married her. Whatever you take from somebody goes a very long way. For example, a man married a woman and paid her bride price. Another man came later and took her from him because he had more money than him. This is a curse. All the children she would have for that man are accursed children because it’s an abomination. Go and ask for forgiveness. I Am the Almighty God.

4) You had a child when you were single and failed to tell your husband or wife about it. Such a secret can cause barrenness in your family. You don’t keep such a thing away from your husband. If you told him and he didn’t marry you, so be it. Go and ask for forgiveness. I Am the Almighty God.

5) You offended somebody by preventing her from an opportunity that should have bettered her life, and she couldn’t see such an opportunity anymore. How do you know you’re not the one I destined to lift her hands? But you used your ignorance to act foolishly. Go and ask for her forgiveness. I Am the Almighty God.

6) You confiscated another man’s property, which he had laboured for. Whatever a man laboured for isn’t what any man should take away from him. His sweat and energy are involved. His spirit and soul are also involved. The curse attached to such a sin has no comparison. Go and ask for forgiveness. If the man is dead, you must go to his family and ask them for forgiveness. I Am the Almighty God.

7) You stole somebody’s money to build your house. You’re now a Christian. You must go to the owner of that money and ask for forgiveness. If he is dead, go to his family and ask for their forgiveness so that Jesus Christ can remove the curse attached to it from you and your generation. If he demands the house from you, you must vacate it immediately. But you'll have peace if he forgives you and leaves the house for you. I Am the Almighty God.

8) Somebody employed you to work for him. You secretly killed him and took away his company. You threw sorrow and hardship into his family. To remove such a curse from your head and children, go and ask his family for forgiveness. I Am the Almighty God.

9) You’re there in the church and have killed somebody before because of what you wanted. You did it, and nobody knew about it. You have brought disaster and calamity upon your entire generation. You must go to the family of the deceased and ask for forgiveness. If your father was the culprit, you must go to that person's family and ask for forgiveness so that Jesus Christ can remove the curse from your generation. I Am the Almighty God.

10) You’re there in the church and have committed all manner of atrocities that took many lives. You must go to the families of those you’ve killed and ask for forgiveness. Whatever they want to do to you, you must surrender yourself to them. It is better for you to suffer here on Earth than to go to Hellfire and suffer. If your father was the killer, you must look for their families and ask for forgiveness. Any sin that involves the shedding of human blood goes a long way. Satan will vow to take the lives of your entire generation. They will never see anything good. Go and ask for forgiveness. I Am the Almighty God.

What many of you pass through today isn’t directly from you but from your parents. They committed all manner of sins and failed to settle them before they died. Satan now takes revenge on you. You must confess whatever you know about your parents because you carry their sins. Any sin your parents committed, if it doesn’t affect you, that means you’re with Jesus Christ. If your sin is above a certain percentage, you automatically qualify for every curse of your generation. I Am the Almighty God.

After your restitution, you must go for baptism. You shouldn't allow anyone to baptise you in a swimming pool. You must be baptised in a flowing river. It shouldn't be a deep river. As long the water is flowing, and you can stand inside, if you pour water on your head, it will flow back to the river, and it will flow away. This is the kind of baptism I ordained. All of you shouldn't use human wisdom to interpret My word. Any ordinance I give has a spiritual significance attached to it. I Am the Almighty God.

If you don’t want to go to any Pastor for confession, fine. As you’re crying to Jesus Christ in your house, He will come to you. If you can stand and meet the person you offended, no problem. However, there are some sins you committed, and you need to go to the person you offended and ask for forgiveness.

If there is no Pastor to take your confession, you can cry to Jesus Christ in your house, He will answer you.

As you do all these, you enter into a covenant with Jesus Christ. If you can do this, I will come and eat with you. Your barren land shall be fruitful. If you do it wholeheartedly, testimonies will flow in your house. If any evil person says he has ten horns and calls your name, Jesus Christ will appear in front of him. Tie My word to your neck anywhere you go. If you do your part, leave the rest for Me. After this, if you say you don't want to go to any church, sing and praise Me with your family inside your house. You're blessed! Nobody will corrupt you in the church anymore. You can separate yourself from them. You're a winner. Whenever I, My Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit visit your home, We don't need to speak because your house is clean. We will only watch everywhere. If you do this, the percentage of sin in you will be less. No evil will befall you or any member of your household. I will visit every one of you in your house. I will heal and deliver you. I will not use any Pastor to heal you because their hands are dirty. I Am connected to you, but your sins separated you from Me. If you give Me the chance, your house will be filled with testimonies upon testimonies. I will be your Doctor. I will be your Physician. I will be your Caterer. I will be your House-help. I will put the doctors of this Earth to shame because they've destroyed the purpose for which I brought them. They shouldn't say they're a physical doctor and chase My spiritual doctors away. You shouldn't rely on some Pastors who will heal you and transfer the sickness to another part of your body or a member of your family because they sought powers from demons. A few of them still work for Me with their heart, but many have taken powers from demons. They produce evil children inside the church. Such children will not listen to you. I Am the Almighty God.

If you follow this Ordinance wholeheartedly, victory will ultimately be yours. If I come down to judge the Earth today or tomorrow, you will be among the people who will go to Heaven. I Am the Almighty God.

Satan uses many things to set traps for My children. I also want My servants to teach My children how to recognise and escape his traps. For example, if you're going to catch a fish in the sea, you'll hang a bait on a hook. As you throw your hook into the sea, a hungry fish will get there and never return. You'll be happy that you catch a fish. The same bait you throw into the ocean is inside the water for the fish to eat. But it thinks it's the right food to eat without knowing it's just a bait so you can catch it. This is how Satan sets traps for My children. I created many worms for fish to eat in the ocean. Fishes neither sow nor reap. If they neither sow nor reap, how do they eat? They can eat worms or any deadly thing in the ocean. If they're hungry, some of them will begin to eat their body. This is how I created them. But you're not a fish! You're a human being. You have sense; you have wisdom. By the way, what Satan asked you to eat, is it yours? When I said you shouldn't convert another man's property to yours, don't you know your belly will purge you if you eat it? Some people use evil food to set traps for others, through which they spread their evil everywhere. Through this, some of My children disappeared. Somebody initiated some of them into witchcraft. Many things happened to them. Why? Because mothers have failed! If you train your children how to accept Jesus Christ into their lives, even though Satan uses human beings like you to set traps for them, the traps will never catch them. Their Spirit will grow in Me. For example, if the spirit of witchcraft is given to a little child, the person who gave it to her will be her mentor. She will take the little child with her whenever she goes to her coven. The little child will participate in whatever they do in that coven. As the child watches what they do in their coven, her spirit will grow in evil until she matures. Even as a little child, if she does evil spiritually, it will manifest physically. Every day by day, she'll continue to grow in evil. Many of My children fall into this category. Some were born into it and cannot tell how they were initiated. They were already initiated in the womb because somebody had sacrificed her womb to demons. All these people are inside the church, and I want My servants to set them free. But My servants are nowhere to be found because their hands are dirty. I Am the Almighty God.

If I didn't create you to be My servant, you cannot go on this journey because it's spiritual. Satan will fight you. If you don't know how to swim and you dive into the ocean, you'll drink water and die. This is how My work is. Imagine now that the whole world is populated with evil; tell Me which Pastor will preach holiness and still sleep well on his bed. Demons will come to you, your wife and children because your hands are not clean. You must allow the Holy Spirit to examine you if you're qualified to do this work. I created My servants and gave them different measures of My Spirit. I created some of you to encourage My children. But I created some of you for spiritual works alone. If you're a Pastor, you'll know exactly what I created you to be.

In the body of Levites, I didn't allow just anybody to carry sacrifices to the altar. Not everybody! Anyone who carried a sacrifice to the altar without My authorisation died suddenly! You must be qualified for it. So is this call of Pastors. I created all of you and gave you different assignments in the body of Christ. I created some of you to sing. Yet, you're a Pastor. If you sing, people will fall under your anointing. I created some of you to do good for My children and help those in need. But when it comes to healing and deliverance, that's a higher calling. It's not what any of you should be proud of because it's not by your power. You must give yourself to the Holy Spirit twenty-four-seven. You neither drink nor drunk. You don't sleep around with women. You don't speak anyhow. All these are abominations to the Holy Spirit. Some of you are Pastors. You'll go to a party and get drunk. After the party, you'll go to the church and begin to speak nonsense to My children. As some of My children see you, they'll also copy your behaviour. I Am the Almighty God.

If all of you lie down, you'll sleep and dream. What I'm about to do on this Earth is like a dream. None of you knows the very day it will happen. O, Jesus Christ is coming; that's how they've been preaching; my great-grandfather preached it and died in poverty; he had nothing, but Jesus Christ didn't come. I Am the Almighty God. Do you know why your great-grandfather died of poverty? You cannot be in Christ and fail to remove your hands from evil. You're serving Jesus Christ; you're also serving idols. Physically, you're serving Jesus Christ, but all the abominations I hate are in your hands. Nobody knows where you belong to. You're an elder in the church but a terror in the house. If I say you shouldn't serve other gods apart from Me, it's the truth. You cannot be walking on two roads together. If they call you here, you're here; if they call you there, you're also there. You will remain as you are! Some of you, after the death of your father, they'll ask you to come and do his burial. You will do the first burial, second burial, and third burial. You're doing a burial every year. You should bring it out from your Bible, where I said they should celebrate those who died. Bring it out!!! Don't you know you're calling the spirit of death to rule you as you do all those things? You're invoking the spirit of those who committed sins and died in your lineage. You're painting them, celebrating them. You call the Dark-Planet to come and rule you on this Earth. You cannot make it. The life you'll live will be worse than those who died. They are celebrities because you're celebrating them. If We talk about celebration, it goes a very long way. I Am the Almighty God.

All of you are celebrating Jesus Christ, and you call it Christmas. You even went to the extent of dedicating a day to it. Did I ask you to celebrate My Son? Did I ask you to celebrate Him? Do My will, that's all. This is what it means to celebrate Jesus Christ. As you do His will, you're celebrating Him. If you do My will, you also do the will of My Son. I want all of you to be holy and happy together in the church. This is the kind of celebration I want. I didn't say you should dedicate a day to celebrate My Son. What is your achievement? You're celebrating My Son in sin and sorrow. All I want from you is holiness. You can cook some food and take it to the church. You don't need to pray before you eat it. All of you will eat and be happy together because you're holy. Nobody will know the difference between all of you. You're all brothers and sisters. This was how My children served Me in the time of old. You're celebrating Jesus Christ; you will travel from Jericho to Kafanchan. You're celebrating Him in sin. If any evil befalls you on the way, you will say it's because you're going to celebrate Jesus Christ. If you hold a crusade, preaching My word, this is the kind of Christmas I want. You're praying, chasing evil away from people. As you call upon My Son, He will answer you. At the end of everything, all of you will eat together. Many of you don't understand why My Son always broke bread with His disciples. This is the kind of Christmas I want.

The kind of food some of you give to My children in the church is an abomination. You will provide people with food to eat, and a pregnant woman will lose her pregnancy because you brought your bread from your witchcraft coven. Is this what I want? Who will eat your food if the Spirit of life isn't in you? You call yourself a Pastor, but everybody knows the diabolic things in your hands. If you cook and bring it to the church, they will know you want to take their glory. Did you read anywhere that Jesus Christ gave people food and evil befell them? My Son gave them food, and evil disappeared from their lives. Many things happened which were not written anywhere. If you hold a crusade in holiness, I will send many Angels down. Whatever you do there will go into the history book because I will prove Myself. If you open your mouth and pray, Heaven will answer.

Today, some churches that still believe in Me, if they take a bottle of water to the church and pray to it, they'll receive their healing instantly. That's what I can do. This is the kind of Christmas I want. Today, you all celebrate Christmas on the 25th as you choose. Everywhere is calm now. You're gathering money to celebrate the next one. How do you know you'll live to see the next one? Because your motive is evil! You destroyed people; you made people cry; you raped women and children; you had sex with old women because you wanted to renew your covenant. How can something good come to you? How can the Earth yield its increase? How can women produce children in their marriages? Many of you, My Pastors, some of the dangerous charm you do cause barrenness to the land. You know the truth, but you didn't allow the truth to set you free. I Am the Almighty God.

I told all of you that I assigned spirits to control all the key areas of this Earth. The evil many of you Pastors do angers the spirits. They can lay any curse upon you. If they say no man will impregnate any woman this year, so shall it be, and there's nothing I can do to stop it because your hands are dirty. That's why many men cannot impregnate their wives because somebody has implicated you with his sin. I created them and gave them powers. I placed you above everything I created, but you sold your birthright to demons. It is better you don't offend any spirit, whether good or bad. If you try it, you'll not see the solution to your life. At the end of the day, all of you will say it's your destiny. You'll say that's how I created you. Who told you? You're among those who suffered because of the sins of Pastors. Right from the beginning, I send Spirits to this Earth to bless people. You will never see them. That's why you must put on the armour of charity. A man may appear to you and ask you for a cup of water. His appearance will put you off because he looks tattered. But you don't know he is a Spirit. I send him to bless you. But if you're not wise, you'll chase him away from you. No matter how he looks, even if his whole body is infected, you must attend to him. You may not use the cup to drink water anymore, but you mustn't show it in his presence. You may decide to throw the cup away after he has gone. While he's in your presence, attend to him with compassion and laughter. If you pretend, he will know. This is why it's very hard for you to please Me. I Am the Almighty God. All of you only live by My grace. None of you can please Me. Right from the Garden of Eden, I overlook your sin, but demons continually overpower you.

When some children were born, I sent My Prophet to tell their parents how their life would be. After many years, those children are nowhere near their destiny. Their parents now tag My Prophets as prophets of doom. Why? Because the parents failed to train their children in My way. The mothers failed to shield their children and allowed Satan to hijack their glory. When I brought My Son Jesus to this Earth, did they seek to kill Him or not? They sought to kill Him! I Am the Almighty God. What did I do then? I asked His parents to carry Him and run away to Egypt. Did He live the life I wanted Him to live? Yes! When the time came, I asked them to carry Him and go back to Israel because that's where He would fulfil His destiny. His blood mustn't enter the ground of Egypt because I didn't design Him to die there. I brought Him purposely to die in Israel. If you work with Me, you'll see the goodness of the land. Though I promised you Heaven, until you finish your work on this Earth, that's when you can inherit Heaven. If you cut your life short here, you cannot inherit Heaven. For example, look at how different machines work together in a production industry. If one machine doesn't finish its part of the work, the next one will not start its work. If one finishes its work, it will call the next one into action. That's what your journey on this Earth looks like. Until you finish this present life, you cannot enter the next. All of you are walking on a tiny rope across the sea. If you're not focused, you'll fall into the water and die. How can you know you're walking on a tiny rope? If you're holy and focused, you'll not know when you will cross to the other side. This is the life every one of you lives. It's a dangerous journey. Anything can happen at any time. If you walk with My Son, you will succeed. If you don't do it well here, how can you have peace where you're going? The moment you miss it here, you also miss it in your next destination. It will affect you and your generation. I Am the Almighty God.

I don't expect any word to come out of your mouth than the word of holiness and prayers. Though Jesus Christ was qualified for it, He never joked with prayers. It's like a man who owns a car. How can he drive the car if he doesn't fill the tank? Prayer is your fuel. If you're working with Me, the Holy Spirit will remind you to pray if your fuel goes down. Prayers prevent you from every evil. Prayer is a spiritual enchantment with Me. As you pray, sometimes I may not tell you anything. Any life without prayer is a disaster. It's not enough to go to the church and learn My word. You must also pray. The Holy Spirit will tell you the right scripture to read as you pray. Through your prayers, you'll have meaningful dreams. Before anything happens, the Spirit will reveal it to you. All of you think you're on this Earth alone. You're here with Me, My Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This Earth is Our farm.

When My Son Jesus was leaving the Earth, what did He tell you? He said He will never leave you as an orphan! If I could send down rain to water the crops you planted, imagine your own body. I look after you. The moment you choose to follow the evil way, I will release you because I can't be protecting you while you choose to do evil. If somebody wants to fall into a pit and you're trying to rescue him, what will you do if you know he's dragging you to fall with him? You will release him and let him fall into the pit. No matter how Jesus Christ loves you, He cannot confess your sins for you. You're the one who will confess your sins. Then Jesus Christ will save you from them. That is My Law. I told My Son that as He's going down to the Earth, He should carry the load of those who confess their sins to Him. Don't carry their load if they fail to confess any of their sins. If He does it, He commits sin. Even though He knows all the sins you committed, it must come from your mouth. As you open your mouth and confess, My Son will go to the spirits you offended and give them whatever they need. Whatever they ask for, Jesus Christ will give them on your behalf. All of you only know about the blood of Jesus, but Jesus Christ gives them more than blood. Jesus Christ gives them money; He gives them glory; He gives them wealth. These are all the things that make Satan and demons trouble your life. I Am the Almighty God.

A woman who stands at the side of the road cooking food for people to eat, after they've finished eating, they'll begin to have problems. What kind of food do you think she's cooking for them? If you eat any food, it either elevates you or diminishes you. These are the two types of food that exist. As you cook and give people to eat, their success is deposited in your coven because you have a spiritual satellite. Anyone who eats from your food eats amiss. I prepared, sealed, and gave all of you your blessing while coming to this Earth. It is a spiritual thing, and you cannot see it. But those with spiritual eyes can see it, and the evil one among them can tamper with it due to the negligence of your parents or your negligence. I Am the Almighty God. I never change; I remain the same. Anyone among you who gives himself to demons will become prey to them. I Am the Almighty God.

What happened to Jacob and Esau? Whenever some of you preach it, you think it's something shallow. You may even think he was a stubborn child. He wasn't a stubborn child. Somebody bewitched him; somebody lured him into evil. Do you know what happened to him after he did what he did? Do you know what happened to him? Because it's evil!!! I have blessed you already, but you didn't know what you did. You didn't know what your mother asked you to do. You did it ignorantly. A chronic demon caused what happened because of the power in his mouth. He knew Jacob was blessed already, but the consequence of whatever he did would be upon him. Are you the one who created yourself? Both of you were twins. Why should you take another person's blessing? It's like telling your brother to give you his life so you can live it with yours. This is pure evil! You know the covenant I made with Abraham. From Abraham, it rested upon Isaac, and from Isaac, then Jacob and Esau. My word then was still like fire because they were few in number. Satan was also there. He stood to destroy everything. He watched Isaac twenty-four-seven. If Satan wants to sow an evil seed, he doesn't care whether it's only you and your wife. How many of them were in the house? Father, mother, and two sons. You carried the two sons in your womb. No matter what happens to you, you would only pray to Me. But what did you do? Satan now entered you to destroy the lives of your children. All of you could have asked yourself why the twelve tribes of Israel came out of four wombs instead of only one womb. Who caused it? Who was the witch? Satan can use anybody, including you yourself. I Am the Almighty God.

What happened to Noah? How was Satan able to use him to cause confusion in his house? This was the same man who witnessed the flood. He saw it with his own eyes. This was a physical manifestation of My power. After many days, the ark rested somewhere. They now made a sacrifice to Me, thanking Me for saving their lives. But out of an abundance of joy, he was drunk and naked. Satan can use your mouth to destroy your own blessing. My son, tell them they should only use their mouth to pray everyday, even if it's only one minute. The spirit of curse isn't from Me. Your mouth speaks out of the abundance of your heart. Why can't you sing praises to Me? Why can't you ask Jesus Christ to bless you this morning? Are you reading your Bible? Are you reading the Old Testament? Do you see how mothers, how people served Me, and many things happened, and I laid a curse upon them? Do you see it? All of you should go back and read your Bible. Right from the beginning, I laid a curse upon those who did all those things. What is the difference between you and them? When they did it in the time of old, did I tell them thank you, well-done? Are you the one who created yourself? As I said before, none of you can escape Me; none of you can avoid Me. You have already declared yourself a vagabond and a wanderer on this Earth because you failed to hear My voice because of what you want to eat. I Am the Almighty God.

Some of you are saying I Am a Righteous Father. If I Am a Righteous Father, who are you? Why can't you emulate Me? If I Am a Righteous Father and you're unrighteous, can We work together? You have already judged yourself! When Cain killed Abel, he judged himself immediately because he knew he had done what I hated. Let your conscience judge you before I judge you. Use your hand to cleanse yourself. Don't allow any Pastor to turn your head. My son, tell them they're sending My Pastors to Hellfire. Church members send their Pastors to Hellfire. You know what you did, but you'll go to your Pastor to test him because you think you can see more than him. It depends on the measure of My Spirit in the Pastor because I didn't create all My servants equally. They cannot see everything. Some members go to the church to test their Pastors. They want to know whether he will see them or not. And you, Pastor who wants to perform miracles will land in Hellfire because the person who comes to you is wiser than you. You should tell them to go and confess their sin. If you ask them to confess their sins, you have cut short their wings already. The ball is now in their court. Go and confess your sins, whether big or small. Sin is sin! If your life blossoms, you still have sins in your body. Go and confess your sins. If I pardoned you, and you married and produced many children, you still have sins in your body. Go and confess your sins. If you want to make Heaven, you still have sins in your body. Go and confess your sins. If you're blessed on this Earth, that doesn't mean you'll make Heaven because you have sins in your body. Go and confess your sins if you want to make Heaven. You may be blessed on this Earth, but you're going to Hellfire the day you die because you know everything I asked you not to do. I Am the Almighty God.

Pastors, why are you cracking your brain before you bring My children to Me? The word is in your mouth. I have given you the word! Why are you cracking your brain? Why are you creating another heaven? Do you have another heaven you want to lead My children to? You're on your own! You cause trouble to your life. There is no other heaven apart from the one that I, Jehovah, God Almighty, the Great I Am That I Am, the Authority created. I brought My Son Jesus down from this Heaven. This same Heaven is controlled by Me, My Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I use the Holy Spirit, and My Son uses Him as well. The Holy Spirit is a Life of His own. We have the power to send the Holy Spirit a message. The Holy Spirit can carry another person's image to appear to you. Jesus Christ can also appear to you in another person's image. You will know who They are through the content of Their words. My son, I have demonstrated this for you before. Tell them!!! I did this so you can know the difference between the Three of Us. Satan cannot use the Holy Spirit. Demons cannot use the Holy Spirit. Satan uses spirits but unclean spirits. I created you with a clean Spirit. If you give yourself to sin, then you become an unclean spirit. Any spirit that doesn't speak about the Good Tidings is unclean spirit. It's not a Holy Spirit anymore. It's a spirit of evil. All these spirits live on this Earth. There are no such spirits in Heaven. I Am the Almighty God.

When John baptised My Son Jesus, I spoke to Him through the Holy Spirit. This Spirit is inside all of you. That's why you can hear from Me. You cannot hear From Me if the Spirit isn't in your body. It works like a magnet. I created some people with a higher Spirit. Whenever I come, I will enter them and speak. Their Spirit is always ready. My Spirit in them is very powerful. You don't need to clap hands and pray before I come down and speak. My Spirit in them is very powerful. If you also offend such people, you know what that means. You can do whatever you like to some people, but to these people, if you try it, Heaven will fight against you. I brought down some people the same way I brought My Son Jesus, but the environment in which they were born choked them. They couldn't go on the journey anymore. They died! Their mothers were failures. Their parents were failures. I gave them good blessings, but they lost them. What better gift can I give to you than this one? Even if you don't build any house on this Earth, this one is more than many houses for you. Anywhere they enter, nobody can cover them. They prosper in whatever they do. If you go to the most powerful native doctor, you cannot charm them unless they use their hands to commit sin. And if this kind of person comes from a womb that was dedicated to witchcraft, they will call their Spirit at night so they can lay a curse upon themselves. That's what they do! They will summon you to lay a curse upon yourself. This can only happen if I allow them. Who will curse whom I have blessed? Touch not My anointed!

I gave all of you good blessings, but you're looking for what you didn't lose. What other blessings are you looking for more than what I gave you? Before you were born, I had already given you all the blessings you need to enjoy this Earth. If you begin to serve Me, that's when you'll realise where your blessings are. Your blessings are inside your house. To some people, their blessings are their children. To some, their wives are their blessings. To some, their husbands are their blessings. To some, their friends are their blessings, but it is scarce. This can only happen if your house fails you. I created some people so that whoever comes close to them will be blessed. I gave people different blessings. I know that evil must happen somewhere. If evil chases you out of your house, you will meet somebody outside to help you. That's where friends come in. To some people, I tied their blessing to the good they'll do for others. If Satan kills one, he cannot kill all. I created everything in different categories.

If I Am not qualified to control the Earth, I wouldn't have brought it into existence. I Am more than qualified for it. I have billions of solutions to this Earth. I Am not afraid of any of you. I love you; that's why I brought down My Son to rescue all of you. I also want you to renounce your evil and embrace good. I want you to recognise good as good and evil as evil. Everything you acquired on this Earth remains here. You cannot take them to Heaven. Nothing of this Earth goes to Heaven. Everything on this Earth is an abomination in Heaven. You will die and leave them for your children. You will die and live them for your generation. Whenever you're going to Heaven, They will never see your properties in you. They will only see your holiness. Your properties remain on this Earth. For some of you, the properties you acquired here send you to Hellfire. The properties I gave you from Heaven to this Earth remain here whenever you die. But the ones you acquired here in a sinful and dubious way send you to Hellfire. The good ones you acquire will stay with your children. All the ones you acquired through stealing and killing send you to Hellfire. Your generation will also suffer for it. I Am the Almighty God.

The conclusion of My word: Why are you a Christian? Why are you serving Jesus? Christianity is for holy people. If you're holy, you'll live a peaceful life here. And whenever you die, you'll go to Heaven. Why are you serving Jesus Christ? Why are you a Christian? Ask yourself this question. If you want to live a life of peace, from this moment, use your tongue to count your teeth. Don't allow anybody to push your head. That Pastor you run to will do you no good. I Am not saying you shouldn't go to your Pastors because I created them for this purpose, but many of them have destroyed My motive for creating them as My servants. If you know that Pastor very well, then you can go to him. Before any Pastor gathers the congregation together, he must cleanse himself properly. Before he speaks about sin, he must cleanse himself. Did Jesus Christ cleanse Himself? My son, ask them this question. How did He cleanse Himself? If He didn't cleanse Himself, Satan wouldn't tempt Him. My son, tell them that Jesus Christ confessed His sins and was baptised. Satan knew that if He carried out the assignment while still in His parent's house without cleansing Himself, he would enter Him. I sent John the Baptist to this Earth because of Jesus Christ. My word is true. Jesus Christ was a flesh. But He didn't have sex with anybody. He didn't steal anybody's property. He didn't kill anybody. He didn't convert another man's property to His own. Yet, He saw Himself that He was dirty and needed to pray. When He knew the time had come for Him to do His Father's work, He went and confessed His sins to John and was baptised. Satan said to himself: this is what we didn't want; let me go to Him. This was why he tempted Him. Did He fail? He didn't fail! I Am the Almighty God.

Now, ask yourself the question. If you know you want to live in peace, if you know you want the Earth to yield its increase, cleanse yourself. If there's no Pastor to take your confession, open your mouth and confess to yourself. Go and do restitution. You committed some sins through which you stepped on people's toes. You must go to them and ask for forgiveness so that Jesus Christ will go to them in the spiritual realm and atone for them. A woman was pregnant for you; whether you aborted or denied it, you must confess your sins. You stole valuables worth lots of money from people to the extent they shed tears. Go and confess your sins. You visited a native doctor who made a dangerous charm for you to harm people; people must hear about it. Go and confess your sins. Whenever you sleep, you know how you see yourself in your dreams. You know your dreams are contrary to My word and Law. Go and confess everything. All those idols, all those gods have names. Jesus Christ will go to them on your behalf, Spirit to spirit. I created these spirits and assigned them to control the Earth. My Son Jesus respects them in their own way. Jesus Christ wasn't the One that created them. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the One that created them! The work I sent My Son Jesus to do on this Earth, that's what He did. He didn't come to eradicate those spirits. They're living on their own. I sent Him to come down and rescue you. He didn't violate My word. I told Him, go to the Earth and rescue My children. I didn't ask Him to come down and destroy those spirits because He knew why I created them and the purpose for which I created them. His own work was to come down and rescue you. That's all!!! And if any of you undermine My word by speaking what you don't know, you will bring disaster and calamity upon yourself and your generation. I Am the Almighty God.

Immediately you mention your name, Jesus Christ knows exactly where and when it started. He will go to them on your behalf. It may be your great-great-great-great-great grandfather who caused the problem. Jesus Christ will go and speak to them to delete your name from their book. He will neither save your father nor mother, brother nor sister. He will save only you because you're the one who cried to Him. He will tell them the name of your father who committed the atrocity. If you want somebody to visit a place, what will you do? You will give him the address. Confession is giving Jesus Christ the address of your heart, your house, and your generation. Even though they've demolished the house, He will trace it in the spiritual realm so He can atone for that Ogun, so He can atone for that Shango, so He can atone for that Japawa. He will atone for all those evil spirits your generation brought to live with them. He will atone for all those evil charms your family had done. If somebody asks you, you'll say you've thrown them away. You cannot throw them away because they're spirits. They're alive! You're only deceiving yourself and wasting your time. The very day you made a covenant with them, that is it. It becomes an everlasting covenant. My son, tell them that Jesus Christ still respects those spirits, but He has nothing to do with them. They don't do you any good. Only Jesus Christ does good, and I have given the power to Him. He has the power to bless you. He has the power to kill. He has the power to destroy the kingdom of darkness. But He came to save you. He didn't come to eradicate those things. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the One who will eradicate them because I created them by Myself. I brought My Son to teach you the way of holiness.

When I created everything, and something happened on the way, I asked My Son Jesus to come down and rescue all of you. Don't you love yourself? How do you see yourself if you sew a new cloth and stand in front of the mirror? Don't you love yourself? You will look at your face and skin. You love yourself for who you are. That was the reason I brought you to this Earth. It doesn't end there. I also gave you different types of food to nourish your body. I made sure I blessed the ground so it could produce food for you to eat. Why are you destroying everything with your sin? If you don't count the blessings I gave you, I will count them for you because you don't know how to appreciate Me. You only seek what you haven't got. That's why Satan takes you to the wrong place. What should you do if you know you need something and haven't gotten it? You will open your mouth and praise Me for the ones I've given you. Just bless Me, and sing a new song to Me. Because you want to die for what you haven't got, that's why Satan is leading all of you into destruction everyday.

You are alive. What brings sickness? Because your hands are not clean! If you believe in your Father who created everything before He even created you, you will know you'll not go hungry. Just focus and communicate with Me. Somebody will come from nowhere and bless you. That's why I want all of you to be doing good. Satan now ties the heart of everybody to be wicked. Nobody can do good for anyone anymore. What would you have done if they told you you would have children at thirty-five? The moment you're married, you'll be crying for children, children, children. If the children are not coming forth, you'll seek for counterfeit. Just serve Me in holiness so that when it gets to the time for you to start having children, they will come automatically. But because you're anxious about it, Satan now turned stones into children for you as he asked My Son to turn a stone into bread. This is the category many of the children fall into. They gave you a counterfeit. They gave some of you serpents as children. As We're speaking now, those who died today, can they come back? Because you're alive, that's why We're talking. If your hands are clean, why are you scared of death? If you're scared of death, you will run away from sin. My son, tell them! If you're afraid of death, you will run away from sin.

Right from the beginning, I didn't prepare death for you to be afraid. You will live life to the fullest. You will live until you're tired. Whenever you want to die, the spirit will tell you. You will be happy because you want to embark on a journey. You have lived and seen your tenth generation. What life do you want to live again? Let me go and rest. Those who're here will only celebrate you. Nobody will shed evil tears. They will never regret anything. Why? Because you lived and lived, you died at a ripe old age. If you know you don't want to die, why are you committing sin? That means you love your life. When I brought your Jesus Christ to this Earth, He didn't want to die. He loved the life He was living with the people, preaching to them. But He prayed to Me. He came to suffer because of you. But because of His love for them, even as they chased Him from one place to another, He still loved them. He was a King before He came to this Earth. At the point of death, He still prayed to Me because He loved you. This was the kind of love I put into the bodies of My children. Anyone who commits sin doesn't love himself. I Am the Almighty God. Sin is an abomination to Me. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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