Why Are You A Christian?

The Father speaks

(Sunday 27th December 2020, 10:00)

When Jesus performed a miracle at the wedding in Cana, how did He perform it? With water! I brought something out of nothing. What I brought out of nothing isn’t just something ordinary; it’s something everlasting. That’s why you shouldn’t look down on whatever I gave to you. If I gave you a wife, don’t look down on her. I brought her out of a woman just like you. She isn’t the way you may see her because that’s not how I created her. She was born into a family, and through their sin, she became as you see her in her present state. Her spiritual life remains intact. This is the mistake many of you make on this Earth. You want to follow your own heart. You want to follow what you love and abandon the gift of the Almighty God. That’s why you see so many complications in marriages. I settled everything right from the beginning. If you look at your fingers, are they equal? Will you say you’re going to cut them off because they’re not equal? If you go to the doctor to extend your fingers to be equal, he will tell you it’s a hard job because the fingers will not be the way they were created anymore. This is the mistake many of you make every day. That’s why this Earth will continue to full of sin. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Creator. I Am a Righteous Father. Nobody undermines My Word and go scot-free. I hate sin; I hate evil.

The Earth is full of sin, and none of you has spiritual eyes to see. I see that all of you are struggling every day. The sin you commit is taking your life away from you and eating it spiritually, but you cannot see it. You only live with chaff. Through this chaff, that’s why many of you fall into sickness because your body is worn out already. Your body is decayed already. Have you seen where worms are eating animals before? That’s how every one of you live on this Earth. You see all manner of incurable sicknesses every day, and all of you think it’s normal. But there is a name that’s above every other name! There is a Spirit I brought to this Earth as a Flesh! He was a Spirit, and He became flesh. After He became Flesh, He became Spirit again. I brought Him to this Earth in a lowly form because I didn’t want any of you to believe. My Word is foolish to those who perish. All of you look down on Him. The same Person you overlook is the Solution to all your problem. Whatever allegation they may lay upon you spiritually, nobody can write it off except Jesus Christ. As they mention the name of Jesus, every knee must bow!

How many months have you been burying fathers? How many months have you been burying mothers? How many months have you been burying children? How many months have you been burying brothers? How many months have you been burying sisters? How many months will you continue to run away from the armies of evil? The person that’s killing all of you is a spirit. You will run and enter your house. Won't you come out again? It started from the beginning of the year until now. Now you’re celebrating Jesus Christ. Who are you celebrating? But My Word says as they mention the name of Jesus, every knee must bow! Can’t you see that all of you are foolish? It cost you nothing to find the solution to your problem. Haven’t you read it in your Bible where I laid judgement upon some people that I’m coming to destroy them? Didn’t they cry to Me? Is their sin more than yours or yours is more? Am I a wicked God? The same judgement I laid upon those who sinned, the same judgement is still working until today. The same forgiveness I had upon them, the same forgiveness I still have today. The same Jesus Christ I brought down for this purpose is still alive today. Why do all of you abandon Him? All of you don’t want to involve Him in your business. You don’t want to involve Him in this matter. You want to go on your own way. All of you have sinned and come short of My glory. If My people come together, confess their sins and pray to Me, I will heal them. Come and let Us reason together, though your sins are like scarlet, I will wash them away, and they shall be as white as snow.

I know that all of you are weak in the flesh right from the beginning because of sin. I will never condemn you. Come to talk of it; I Am the Creator. I Am the One that created you. I know your weakness and strength. I know that you cannot avoid sin. A new-born baby is sinful through the sins of his parents. This is certain. But Satan will wait for him until he begins to commit his own sin before he can lay judgement upon him. Why are you walking in the backyard? Why are you walking in a corner while the major road is there for you to follow? Narrow is the way; broad is the way. All of you are passing through the broadway. You abandon the narrow way you supposed to follow. You’ll come to the television and announce that people should cover their mouth, that if they cover their mouth, they can cage the demon. Who told you!!! Either you cover your mouth, or you ask everybody to stay inside their house, until the very day I assigned for the pandemic to end, all of you are only wasting your time. But if all of you come together and call upon Me, I will call upon the demons, and everything will end because I Am a Merciful Father. I don’t have a hand in the death of a sinner because I know that all of you are sinners. I do many things so that all of you can have My fear that sin isn’t good, that sin will kill you prematurely. But since you say you can manufacture, you can do everything by yourself, then let Us run the race together and see who will get tired. I Am the Almighty God. I Am Unbeatable God. Nobody battles with Me and win.

Something is happening, and all of you know the truth of what’s happening, yet, you close your mouth. Are you the one that created yourself? Even everything you gather together to manufacture your vaccine, who is the owner? I have the power to destroy it in the twinkling of an eye, and it won’t have any effect. It will be like ordinary water. I can even do it that anyone who takes it will begin to die, and the remaining ones will run away from it. I destroyed many cities and turned them into a flood of water. Are you educated more than the people in the time of old? The sins they committed that made Me destroy them aren’t up to your own sins because you’re very advance in sin. If I say I should lay a judgement upon the sins you’re committing, none of you will find a place to lay your head. I Am not a wicked Father. I Am not a wicked God. I don’t destroy what I created with My hands. Sometimes, if I see that your sins are too much, I will remove some of you away so that the new ones can have a breathing space. All the sins you commit everyday make you to smell. All of you carry demons! I don’t see you; I only see the demons inside you.

A woman is pregnant and thinks she carries a baby in her womb. If somebody should tell her that she carries a demon in her womb, she won’t believe it. You see that you carry a baby, but you carry a demon, a terror, and a destroyer that will destroy the whole community. As you carry him in your womb, the souls of those he will kill lineup behind him. But the family is happy; the husband is happy that his wife is pregnant. The hospital will carry the baby like an egg. Is he your child? Is he from Me? My blessing adds no sorrow! That thing you carry in your womb isn’t from Me.

Before Jesus Christ was born, I brought down many holy children. Though the mission of Jesus Christ is quite different, but I brought many holy children down to this Earth to give you peace. Whatever they laid their hands upon would be good. I blessed them to bless the Earth. Why did you give birth to a child with a gun and cutlass, who knows how to prepare chemicals to destroy? Don’t you know he’s a demon? How did he come to live? Because of your sins! If somebody tells you what your child had done, you’ll use every power you have to fight for him if they arrest him. You can spend all the money you have so he won’t go to prison. You want him to commit more crime. Instead of asking Me what to do, you can even carry him away from that environment to live somewhere else because you feel they don’t like him. Is that your child or a demon? That’s why I gave the children of Israel a strict Law in the time of old to stone whoever commits sins to death. And if you the father or mother isn’t careful, you’ll be stoned to death as well. During the time of Moses, I commanded him to kill whoever commits sins with his entire generation so that the spirit will not spread.

If a spirit of evil is wandering in a family, he'll go to another one if he uses one to destroy. I would kill the whole family so that the demon will see nowhere to enter. And if he sees nowhere to enter, he’ll disappear. Each demon operates in his own territory. If he uses John to destroy, he’ll turn to Peter again. If there is neither John nor Peter, he’ll disappear. But today, the demons have the power to incarnate themselves into a woman’s body so she could give birth to them. In the time of old, they gave birth to giants. Today, they do everything in the spiritual realm and give birth to a normal size human being. They know how to have sex with women because they committed sins. That’s where the demonic children are coming from. As a woman, if your hands are full of sin, you automatically allow these demons to have sexual intercourse with you and impregnate you. And if you’re pregnant, you’ll give birth to demonic children. There are many of them inside the church. If you’re clean, they cannot enter you. It’s like a door that leads to Heaven and Hellfire. If any woman is dirty, your body is a door to Hellfire. Demons have access to your body to do whatever they like. But when you’re celebrating your child, Satan is laughing at you. That’s why this Earth is populated with demonic children everywhere. If you look at some countries, they fight none stop, yet, I speak nothing about it. Do you think I don’t know what I’m doing? Nobody knows anything more than the Creator of the Earth. He is the One that created them. But if you call yourself a Christian and something is happening in your land, and you know the solution to it, why are you trying to deviate from the solution, and want to go on your own way? You want people to know that you have power. You want to take My glory.

I purposely allow some things to happen so that the new generation will know that I Am the Almighty God and have the power to do everything. I don’t ask any of you to give Me anything. You should just open your mouth and pray so that the people will know that the Almighty God is alive. He has the power to heal. He is the Solution to all our problems. But all of you abandoned Me. You’re eating rice and chicken. You’re celebrating and drinking. Those who are dying are dying. All of you are living in fear. You are pushing My children to and fro. Those who have clean hands among them cannot do what they supposed to do to take care of their families because of your stupidness. Oh, if we say all the Christians should gather together and pray to God, we will offend the other people, we will offend the other religion; they will ask if Christians are the only people on this Earth. But My Law started with Christians! Can’t you see you’re foolish! I called Abraham. I compensated Ishmael because of Abraham! I gave the Law to the children of Isaac. I purposely chose them. They are the senior and the milk of the Earth. I gave them the Law. Are you the milk of the Earth now? If you’re the milk of the Earth, why are you serving your Jesus Christ in sin? Everywhere is dirty! Sickness is ravaging everywhere! Why are you celebrating your Jesus in sin? Before Christmas, if it’s only a day to fast and cleanse yourself, it’s more than enough. That is what I want! I didn’t call one to prove seniority. No! Whatever comes from Me, all of you must tremble about it and have My fear. You have to afraid of Me. It’s not about competition. It’s not about jealousy. If you believe in one, you don’t believe in the other, that doesn’t mean you should quarrel about it. Through Jesus Christ alone, healing takes place. Many things happen through Jesus Christ. If we say we should look unto God now, these people may get angry; it may turn to another thing. You are foolish, very foolish!

All of you, your hands are full of sin. Your hands are full of blood. You committed all manner of evil in the corner. My son, tell them! If they try to come out of this one, if they try to come out of this pandemic, another one is coming to them because the sin is too much. I cannot vandalise My Word. I cannot overlook it. I have set it in the spiritual realm that anyone that sins, many evil will befall him. I have laid the curse, and there’s nothing anybody can do. Even if you want to try and roll all this calamity away, another one is coming. I Am the Almighty God.

The Earth is like rotten tomatoes. The evil will begin to come by itself. I have set it already. It comes by itself. Whoever follows it, so be it. Calamity doesn’t just come. You get what you wish for because of sin. If you’re holy, holiness will come to you. It’s like the judgement between Cain and Abel. If you do it well, something good will come to you. If you don’t do it well, the evil part of it will come to you. I have no hand in it. Though I have set it right from the beginning, it comes to you automatically. If you spin the wheel, you cannot choose which one you want. It turns to you automatically. If the evil begins to come to you, who will stop it? You’re introducing different kinds of sinful laws every day. As you wake in the morning, you’ll commit sin. Inside your house, you’ll commit sin. On the road, you’ll commit sin. At work, you’ll commit sin. Everything about you is sinful. You have opened the door for all manner of sin. That means you’ve also opened the door for evil to come to you. Then who will stop it? Evil is an abomination to Me! I gave you water, soap and sponge, and I gave you a towel. If you kill millions of people and later come to your senses that I should forgive you, I will forgive you but don’t do it anymore. You are inside sin, and you’re still fighting, manufacturing many things to come out of it. All of you are full of sin! You don’t want to hear the Word of the One who created the Earth. You don’t want to hear the solution. You’re manufacturing what will kill your system, what will kill your body. What about the sin you committed? Who will atone for it? How will it come out of your body? Don’t you know that what you sent forth came back to you? You have sent sin forth, and it’s coming back to you. Who is to blame?

If you read your Bible, did you read where Elisabeth and Zachariah prayed to Me for a child? No! I purposely made their lives to be like that. When the time came, I brought John to be the forerunner of My Son. When My Son came, John had to go. Either they cut off his head or not; something must happen to him. He fulfilled his mission, and My Son also fulfilled His mission. The Earth didn’t swallow Him. All of you can speak whatever you like about Him. I brought many Prophets before I brought My Son. They killed many of them. I Am happy that My Son returned to Me. If you cry to Him, any of you who have any problem, He’ll solve your problem. But if you say you want to do it by yourself, you will die. Everything I do, none of you count it as anything, yet, it means a lot and a lot.

If you’re going on a journey, and you see some group of people ahead of you going to the same destination as you; if you’re almost at your destination and see that everyone ahead of you has disappeared suddenly, what will you do? Won’t you turn back? If you fail to turn back, you will disappear just like every other person. You have been reading My Word, and you saw that those who followed the way you’re following were destroyed. Why are you still following the same way? Why are you a Christian? Are you tempting Me? Anyone that tempts Me will see it. The worst thing is for you to hear it with your ears and continue to do them. If the repercussion comes, nobody will stand for you. It will be very tough. Evil will swallow you. You don’t give your life to Jesus Christ just as a celebrity, to enjoy chicken and chips. It’s more than that! You must be ready! It’s a war! Those who didn’t do it well in the time of old, many evil befall them. Right on this Earth, they beheaded many of them! I Am speaking about the Earth, not Hellfire. They killed many of them. Who cut off the heads of Prophets? Satan did it through human beings. Why? Because they didn’t do it well! He punished them. He destroyed them. Are you better than them? Either you’re a Prophet or not, you carry the same fate as them.

You call yourself a Christian country. If you’re a Christian country, then show it to the whole world, you’re a Christian country. Let us speak to our God; let us pray to our God; inside your house, inside your kitchen, let us ask for mercy; let us wash our hands clean; let us observe God; whatever you’re doing that’s not good, forsake it because we know that this pandemic is the finger of God; that’s why we’re Christians. Christianity is about holiness and sin. It’s not about anything else. It’s not about milk and honey. It’s about holiness. Holiness is the first thing about Christianity; the remaining ones will be added to it. That is the call of Christianity. I called Christianity on a plata of holiness. If you’re a Christian and don’t do it well, you do yourself more harm than good because nobody will rescue you. You will rescue yourself. I have given Jesus Christ to you like water and soap. You will call upon Him by yourself. If you cook your food and dish it and fail to put the food in your mouth, will it jump into your mouth? No! you will suffer to look for money and cook a delicious meal, yet, it will not jump into your mouth. That is Christianity and Jesus Christ. You’re the one that will draw close to Him. You’re the one that will call upon Him. You’re the one that will table your matter before Him. He will then look into your case. You’re the one that will go to Him, not the other way round. You know the Law. You know the reason why Jesus came. Thou shall not commit sin! Sin in every area! When the repercussion of the sin came, why can’t you go back to Jesus Christ and tell Him that you have sinned and fall short of His glory? Father, things are happening; forgive us, save us; we will tell our children about You because this pandemic has happened before. Why are you going in your own way? Even if you struggle yourself to come out of this one that you don’t even know when it will end, another one is coming to hit all of you. I Am the Almighty God. You will ask yourself the question who do you offend. The whole Earth is Mine. You cannot eat My food and begin to commit sin. Nobody can destroy My handwork. Nobody!

How many years has this Earth been in existence? Do you think you’re the only one that has come to live here? Do you know how many of My children that have lived here and gone? Any land, any city, any country that eats and dance in sin, yet, cannot recognise their sin, nothing good will come from there. Before they realise it, the time has passed. I purposely harden your heart. Everything you think you have will go. If there is nothing inside your pot anymore to the extent the whole world will come to rescue you, then you’ll know that what’s more than evil has befallen you. If you want to boast of anything, boast of Heaven and the Father. Don’t boast of the things of this Earth that I can turn to zero at any time. If you’re educated to wherever you want, and you fail to know Me, a piece of paper is better than you in My hand. You’re useless! My Word that all of you are reading, did it come out in English? Hebrew and Arabic, are they your language? Can’t you see that all of you are foolish! You don’t go to school and study the Bible. You read it and do what’s written inside. You follow everything you read in it. It’s practical! It connects to the life of those who believe. Let Me tell all of you this one thing: As I declared My blessings to follow you in the Bible, I also declared My curses to follow you as well if you fail to do it well. I took My time to cook the words inside. Anyone that carries it that read it and do accordingly will see peace. But if you know it and want to do otherwise, you will see the other side of life. You must follow it exactly as it’s written there. If it speaks of forgiveness, you must follow it wholeheartedly. You cannot change it to suit your own purpose. No matter how holy you are, if somebody offends you and you fail to forgive that person, what do you think will happen to you? Nothing good will happen to you because you carry the whole Earth upon your head.

When I said I Am a Jealous God, haven’t you read it before? I could have created you, drop you here and allow you to do whatever you like without Me watching over you. But I know what’s good and bad for you. There are things you shouldn’t do because they’re not good for you. But today, you’re doing whatever you like hoping I will forgive you. Even if I forgive you, the repercussion will come to you. You will pass through the torment. If you tread on the wrong road and realise you’ve missed your way, the time it took you to get to wherever you find yourself before you call upon Me, the same time it will also take you to come back to where you’ll meet Me. That is how My Word works. Nothing goes for nothing. If your child does anything bad, let him know what he did before you beat him. If you beat him before you tell him, let him also know what he did so he won’t do it again. None of you on this Earth is bigger than Me. I can cut you; I can bend you; I can destroy you; I can wipe you away to the extent that your name will not be found in history. I can banish you away from the land, and your spirit will be with the spirit of animals. I can banish your spirit, and you’ll live with the finishes. I Am the Almighty God. Nothing I cannot do. But it’s very painful to Me that I brought you to this Earth to enjoy My handwork. All of you turned your back against Me.

Every word in your Bible links together. As you read it, the Holy Spirit will tell you why such a word managed to come. You shouldn’t compare one word with another even though they’re linked together. Let the Holy Spirit do it for you. As I said it before, you built your house; you know how you laid the foundation. If there is any fault, you know what to do; you know who to call because you know those you employed to do the work for you. That is My work and My children. None of you can run away from Me because I own all of you. Anyone that commits sin will face the music. I have given some people the power that even if I Am not there, they should lead My children to the truth. And if these people fail to teach the children the truth, they will face the consequence. I Am the Almighty God. I give you peace. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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