Why They Killed My Prophets

The Father speaks

(Wednesday 30th December 2020, 00:40)

Between Adam and Eve and Lucifer, who was the first person on this Earth? Lucifer! Where did sin take place? In Heaven, not on this Earth. That means sin was already there before they came to this Earth. Sin is senior to them. All of you should not think you’re the worst sinner on this Earth. Sin was born before you. Everything took place in Heaven. That’s the reason I give you a long rope. That’s the enjoyment you have in Me. If I spoke My Word and everything came to exist, that alone should tell you how powerful I Am. When I called the Earth to exist, Lucifer was there watching what would happen. When I drove him away from Heaven, he and his children were hanging in the space because they had nowhere else to go. I created this Earth as flesh, where human beings live physically. That allowed them to live here. My son, I once told you that this Earth is an open place where many spirits dwell. But I have the power to control My children because I believe you’re not animals. You came out of Me. And besides, My Word, the Bible is there to guide all of you. I knew a day would come when Lucifer would tempt Adam and Eve, and I prepared for it. When it happened, it wasn’t a new thing to Me because I knew how to control it. Imagine a young couple who had no children, and everything happened through them, yet, I proceeded to bring out children from them. My son, I Am revealing mysteries to you, and if you make any mistake, in the end, you will find it very tough because They will judge you based on everything I revealed to you. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Creator. I Am the Originator. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am the Great Judge. I Am the Mighty-Man-In-Battle. I Am a Holy Father. Sin is an abomination to Me. The time and life of every man are in My hand.

If I knew that what Adam and Eve did in the Garden would bring confusion to Me, why didn’t I stop them? I knew I had the power to control it. I can crush every one of you in the twinkling of an eye. If I say I want to wipe all of you away tonight, I have the power to do it. Nobody will know what happened except Me. Nobody will cast any news because everybody will die. That’s what I can do. My son, you shouldn’t think you’re exempt because all of you are sinners. All of you are living by My grace. That’s why you should ask for mercy every day. I don’t trust any of you because all of you disappointed Me. When I spoke to Noah to build an ark for Me that I wanted to destroy the Earth, didn’t it come to pass? Why did Lucifer use him to cause confusion again? Before Noah, I have been dealing with the generation of Adam and Eve. But through Noah, I came openly to speak what I wanted to do concerning My children. The moment I said it, Lucifer began to fight so that Noah wouldn’t build the ark. All of you should listen to Me! Whosoever I speak through his mouth that I Am the Almighty God, that person is in trouble. That’s why all of you must be very careful. If I speak through your mouth, Lucifer will hear as well. He’ll use all your past sins against you. That’s what motivated Me to bring Jesus Christ to this Earth. This is where I Am going.

My son, you know they killed many of My Prophets in the time of old. Why? The very day I called you, I didn’t just call you on this Earth, but I created you for the purpose. Through your parents that gave birth to you, you became a sinner. You also committed your own sins. Though I forgave and had mercy upon you, somebody is there who will never forgive you. Whoever makes the law will not break it. I told you before that if anyone committed sin, the trace remains in him until he dies. Wherever you go, the sin remains with you. If you commit sin in London and run to Nigeria, the sin will follow you wherever you go. Life will be very hard for you unless somebody removes that barrier. That’s why if the Holy Spirit opens your eyes, you’ll see many barriers and nets in the life of My children. Their blessings are there, and they cannot stretch forth their hands to claim them. Why should somebody take what doesn’t belong to him? Because there is a barrier between him and his blessings, and he cannot access them. Hence you cannot access your blessings; you’ll begin to commit sin upon sin to make ends meet. That’s why this Earth is crashing down every day, and I know.

Why did they kill My heroes? Why did they kill My Prophets? Do you know how many of My Prophets the prophets of Baal killed? The very day I speak through your mouth that I Am the Almighty God, you receive forgiveness automatically. Why did the prophets of Baal overpower My Prophets? Because nobody atoned for their past sins! Nobody atoned for their sins! Though I forgave them, no blood atoned for their sins, and the sins worked against them. There was no barrier between them and their sins. Hence there was no barrier, Satan had access to their sins, and he killed them. If somebody is coming to overpower you and meets another person who stands on his way, he cannot do you anything. That’s why they killed them! All the kings that fought for Me, they killed all of them! Nobody atoned for their sins. I brought Jesus Christ to this Earth for this reason. Many of them didn’t go to Heaven in the time of old. I sent them back to this Earth again. The sin of Samuel was minimal. That’s why they didn’t kill him too. Else, they would have killed him. He delivered many messages for Me. I brought Jesus Christ to this Earth for this reason. I forgave you, but somebody is there who will never forgive you. He is My handwork as well. This same sin brought calamity into the house of David. The sin he committed wouldn’t have brought calamity into his house. It could have stopped there. But Satan began to use it against him. If I didn’t have mercy upon him, why did he give birth to Solomon? Many of you will open your mouth and speak what you don’t know that God had mercy on David and his son Solomon still became king. What happened to Solomon? I Am a Forgiver and a Merciful Father. But somebody is there who will never forgive you! Whatever chemical you produce on this Earth, you must make sure you have the solution. If you produce any chemical and have no solution to it, then you’re a wicked person. All this motivated Me to bring My Son to this Earth.

No matter how strong the chemical, Jesus Christ will quench its power. That’s why at the mention of His name, every knee must bow down. The only person that can stand against Lucifer is Jesus Christ, and he knows. If you see both of Them, They look alike. He can change his face to anything. Some of you will see him and think you see Jesus Christ. The Jesus Christ you saw are human beings who acted in your movies. Before Jesus Christ ascended back to Heaven, He had no one form. Mary alone knew the Child she had who grew to an adult before they killed Him. Before He ascended to Heaven, He had many forms. If He had many forms, what about Lucifer? I acted shrewdly in the time of old because of this reason. In the time of Moses, if I asked him to do something and the people went their own way, I would kill them and their generation because if I failed to do it, somebody else would use it against them because there was no blood to atone for them. I said I would bring Somebody who would die physically, who would stand against him spiritually to fight the battle. That’s why I brought Jesus Christ for all of you. Whoever his body and Spirit doesn’t die for Him cannot enter My Kingdom. He cannot even make it on this Earth. No matter how sinful you are, forgive yourself and begin to live a life of holiness. That’s the only way Satan will leave you alone.

It is good to gather together in various forms, singing to Me. How many of your groups can sing like two Angels in Heaven? If two Angels are singing in this house, you’ll think billions of people are singing. I love songs; I love praises. I don’t want the voices of sinners. I don’t want the voices of evil. As you’re praising and singing to Me, I want you to enjoy Me. I want you to be happy. Whatever you do, I want it to be in Me. I don’t want you to serve Me in sorrow. My servants of old suffered because they were idolaters. They did a lot of things. They were ignorant of My Word. That’s why Satan dealt with them. If I released blessing unto them, they couldn’t get it. Satan would hijack it. If I didn’t create all these things for you to enjoy, why then did I create them? I don’t want you to acquire everything in the way of sin. I Am the conclusion of beauty. I love what’s good. I Am a Designer. If I design a military uniform for you, your body will cool down if you wear it. The way I design it, I will tell you how to measure everything, and it will be done spiritually. If you sew it physically, people will ask you about the kind of school you went to have such wisdom. I Am the One! That’s what I can do. That’s what I did for them in the time of old. If I didn’t love them, why did I do it? Why did I begin to stand against many things all of you are doing? Because you’re treading on dangerous ground. You’re going in the wrong way. Whatever you do, do it in My conscience. Let Me tell you what to do so that demons will not torment you. You shouldn’t do anything in your own way. I Am not a wicked God. I don’t ask you to serve Me in sorrow. Whatever you do, let Me be the Controller of everything.

In the time of old, what kind of vessel did they use for drinking? Of what material was it made? It was made of gold! Both spoons and vessels were made of gold. Then I will now ask you that, “Radiant, all those My children that sin has ravaged their lives, tell them to bring 5000 Naira because I want to buy a golden cup to drink water”. Five-thousand Naira of 419; 5000 Naira of fornication and adultery; 5000 Naira of embezzlement. Far be it from Me!!! If I know that I Am the One that called you, I will never ask you to accept money from them to buy a cup in My house because I know all the money came through their sinful life. Through this, you will know that every church where they made unnecessary altar call of money to buy instruments, I Am not there. They’ll begin to praise Almighty God with instruments of sin. As you’re playing all those things, you know what’s coming out of them. Unless you willingly say in your heart that: “Father, please accept this token from me because of my sins; even though I have nothing, I use this to exchange myself to you; even if I would still go to Hellfire, I have done the one I could do; I willingly give this to you to compensate the sins I committed; Father, anytime Your children are playing it in the church, my name will be there forever; Father, please forgive me”. That is the only way demons will not have hands in it. Why? Because you push yourself to the limit! It’s like walking to the end on the road, and there’s nowhere else to go. You sober and die for Jesus Christ. But somebody who has no food to eat, somebody who has no cloth to wear, you’ll ask such person to bring money because you want to build the church. Please tell Me how you’ll go to Heaven. Even if a little child opens the Bible, he can see all the calamities that befall those who fall to your category in the time of old. What are We saying? Is it by force to preach the Word of God? If you have nothing to preach, be holy for yourself. Do not commit sin! As you’re pushing the children of God to commit sin to enrich yourself, you’re heaping more fire on your head.

Many of you think you’re serving Me, but you’re committing sin willingly. All the sensitive things I asked My children not to do, you’re doing it. It’s an abomination to the Almighty God. Are you holier than My heroes in the time of old who fought for Me? Any country I visited and told them what to do, whoever vandalised My Word would be cut into pieces. That’s why many men who married unclean wives and produced unclean children sent their wives and children away. They renounced them! Most of them still died because nobody atoned for their sins. Demons don’t hear ‘come’; they only hear ‘go’. The very moment Jesus walked into this Earth, that’s the day the Earth began to enjoy peace. My question to you: Do all of you have peace? All of you are dying of sicknesses everywhere because you think you created yourself. Nothing concerns Me! I created the Earth for you to enjoy, and there’s nothing to complain about. I did everything both physically and spiritually. You want to climb the ladder your hand can never reach. As a man, if somebody built a mansion and you built a tent, that’s your lot. And if you’re supposed to build a tent, and you cannot build it, I don't believe that I Am at fault. Your sins have stood between you and your blessing. The spirit will never give you the chance to do it. But thank God for Jesus Christ. He is the One that began to settle all those spirits so that you can have peace. Through your commitment to Him, your life is becoming real. Yes, I Am the God of Old and New; but you must renew yourself every day. You must update yourself every day. If you’re in one form, Satan will take note of it, and he’ll use it against you. Update yourself every day through holiness and prayers. This is the only language he understands, not speaking in foolish tongues inside the church. If you’re praying, singing in a new song, running away from sin, this is the language Satan doesn’t want to hear. That means you’re speaking in a strange language. If you want to speak the strange language of Heaven, you should embrace holiness and prayers. You must understand that Satan hears every language you speak.

If a friend of yours who understands Yoruba and a white man are around you and you tell him to pick a gun and shoot him, the white man cannot understand anything you’re saying. He’ll be looking at you. But if you speak English, he’ll understand you clearly. For three of you to be on the same page, you must understand one language. Until the demons in all of you understand each other’s language, this is the only way everything you plan can succeed physically. I Am revealing the mystery to you here. Any language you speak together in whatever business you do, that’s the language that the demons in both of you understand. If a black man and a white man were arrested for committing a particular crime, on the same scene, that means they’ve been together for some days or months, and the demons in them understood each other. This is the only way they could work together. I Am speaking of demons now. But Jesus Christ understands every language. None of you can describe Satan. Anywhere that evil happens, you must know who is behind it. Evil describes who is behind it. All these things motivated Me to bring My Son. All of them who died in the time of old went down to the Dark-Planet until I brought them back to this Earth again because they were not qualified to go to Heaven. I allowed women to give birth to them again so that they could be taught in the way of holiness, and so that Jesus Christ could atone for their sins. They were not qualified to go to Heaven. If you call yourself a Prophet of God or a servant of God, how can a prophet of Baal kill you? That means something is wrong somewhere. When I sent Nathan to David, he admitted his sins. Yet, nobody atoned for them. That’s why Satan was able to cause calamity in his house. Sin is a spirit and has his own life to live. Hence you borrow him from somewhere to live with you, he cannot go back until he ravages your entire life like a locust. If I call you My son, if you committed sin, though I forgive you and overlook it, somebody will not forgive you. He will use it against you. At the last day, when you’re weighed, the result will determine where you’re going. This is why you must be very careful in everything as you live your life on this Earth.

No matter how I forgive you your sins, Satan will continue to use it against you until you die, even when you’re preaching in high places. Blessed are those who have ears to hear. Blessed are those who commune with the Almighty one-on-one. The few people I took to Heaven in the time of old, all of you should know how holy they were. They were very few, not up to five. Moses was a sinner, but I took him away from their hands because He worked for Me tirelessly. Until he died, Satan used his sins against him. Whatever is of God, whatever is of holiness isn’t what any of you should take lightly. As I said I will come like a thief in the night, just as coronavirus came to you suddenly, so shall I come to all of you. It might be too late for many of you. That’s why you must be ready every day for the coming of Almighty God. I have no friend at all. If you do what’s right, then you’re My friend. But if you do otherwise, you’re not My friend anymore. I will withdraw Myself from you.

Every day by day, somebody comes to you at night to check you based on your past sins. That’s why as you’re on this Earth, you must work upon yourself every day until you die. If a virgin is defiled, she is not pure anymore. All of you fall to this category. Any servant of God who does any other work apart from My work is bound to commit sin. Those among you who have the opportunity to stand on the pulpit and preach to My children every day don’t know what they have. The more you’re preaching holiness every day; it’s very hard for Satan to take you back into sin again unless you purposely go back yourself. While you’re preaching there, preach about your past sins, and how I forgave you.

Many of you are using people to climb the ladder. Hence they pay their tithe and offering; you're okay. You make life hard for them. You fail to tell them the truth. Many of them think what they’re doing is right. There’s nobody who will tell them what they should do. You’re embezzling them. You turned them into an oil-well, drilling them. They’re not moving forward. They are tired of going to the church. You don’t want to enter Heaven; you will not allow them to enter as well. Any Pastor who makes an altar call of money apart from tithe and offering that I asked them to bring is going to Hellfire because he committed sin. You shouldn’t ask them to bring money to build the church. If it’s only a room, serve Me there. If I want to build a church for you, I will build it. None of you should owe money in your home and think you’re coming to borrow the money of God. No! You don’t do that. If you borrow, how will you pay? It is My money! You don’t borrow it. The money is there for some people. It’s not what every member of the church should call their money. No! It’s My money. I Am the Almighty God. Through My Holy Spirit, I will tell My servant what to do with the money. I can ask him to send the money to somebody far away.

Any church without the Holy Spirit is a dead church. If the church needs a bus to transport its members from their homes or for evangelism, I will be the One to tell you. I Am the Almighty God. And they must be ready to pay the driver who will drive the bus so he could feed his wife and children. Let Me be the teacher; let Me be the driver; let Me be the caterer; let Me be the usher; let Me be the mentor; let Me be the doctor; let Me be the lawyer; let Me be everything inside the church. Why do all of you force yourself to do the whole work? Which name do you call Almighty God? Which name do you call Jesus Christ? Nobody should choose who to cook food anyhow in the church. Almighty God will choose who to cook. Let Me choose who to cook the food that the people want to eat in the church. The Holy Spirit will pick them. You don’t choose somebody who has witchcraft spirit to cook and poison people in the church. Nobody should bring food from their house to the church for the people to eat because the Earth is full of evil. Let Me work upon My name in the church. I Am a Teacher. You will not allow Me to teach. You will choose what you want to teach because you want money from the people. Every good name is the name of Almighty God. Let Me bear the name and let Me work upon it in the church.

The Pastor wants to solve the problem of the people by himself. Nobody can solve anyone’s problem. If anyone brings any problem to you, take it back to Almighty God, else, you’ll carry the load that’s not yours. You’ll cause confusion inside the church. You’ll make a mistake that will scatter the whole church. Let Me rule My church; let Me mentor My church; let Me feed My church; let Me be the gardener in the church; let Me be the church driver. Let Me be everything in the church so that peace will reign. Everybody will love each other. They will look onto Heaven. That is what I want. But no single church is close to this category! Everybody is after money. The church is full of unloved. Evil is everywhere. Sin is everywhere. All of you, as you’re on this Earth, you will hear the music of the evil you planted. You will feel the pain of the evil you caused.

Somebody would pray for all his life to win a contract. Immediately he wins it, the only thing that will come to the Pastor's heart is how to take the money away from him. He forgets that he needs money first to execute the contract. Instead of you to encourage him, gather all the members to pray for the success of that contract so that I can take the glory, no, you’ll plan how all the money will come to you. What happens to the contract? All the money is gone! If he doesn’t come to the church, the Pastor will climb the pulpit and use him to preach that he was always coming to the church while bidding for the contract and now he’s nowhere to be found. Do you expect somebody that just won a contract to come and sleep in the church? Will he execute it in the church? Then you will send the spirit that has been working in your life and that of your generation to go and fish him out wherever he is. He’ll begin to have an unusual problem. I Am the Almighty God, and I see everything. Every one of you will suffer for the evil you did in My name right there inside the church. After you pressurise him because of money, he will use just a peanut to execute the contract. That’s why you see a newly built house collapsed. Who will award a contract for him next time?

Some of you will make a vow you can never pay. You will make a vow that’s more than your salary. If you make any vow, you must make sure you pay. Don’t force yourself into making a vow because of hardship. I am the Almighty God, and Heaven and Earth belong to Me. Nothing you’ll give Me that I don’t have. The best vow you can give to Me is your heart. If you give Me your heart, then I have all your life. Wash your hands clean and pray for My will to be done in your life. None of you can run ahead of My will for your life. If you do, you commit sin. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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