Workers Of Iniquity

(Part 1)

The Father speaks

(Saturday 27th August 2011, 08:40)

My son, everything you see in that Book (the Bible) is Me. Everything you see there and you know it’s Me and it’s Me until the end. I came, I spoke, I act; My Son also came; it’s a reality. Nobody calls the name of Jesus in vain. As you give your life to Him and you know the rules and regulations, you have to abide by it. You have to practice it physically for everybody to see. Don’t hide anyone. Do not let anyone miss from it. Especially when your Father loves you and makes you His dwelling place; He wants to make you as an example. Don’t you know His children that were killed in the time of old, until the very end as they were killing them, they still confessed Jesus. They said, let Me die for my Father. They confessed the Father until the end, even while they were destroying them. My son, do you think it’s easy? Everything you see there is a reality. The Father is here again! The Father wants to carry out what He did in the time of old and it’s you I’m telling in this house. I want you to show good example to others outside. What happened to Ananias and Sapphira? Was it not their own plot? Was it not their own money? Why did they die? Because they lied! Is it not their own? If it’s their own, why did they die? I can take it, it’s my own; I can give you a penny. Why did they die? That means it’s not good to lie. Even though you’re the one that owns it, if you lie to yourself, you lie to your God. If you lie to yourself; you lie to your Father because your Father is inside you. That means you’re not sincere to your Father. That means you’re not serving Him with your whole heart. Do not lie. Don’t let anything makes you to do it. Let your yes be yes, and let your no be no. If somebody is killed in your presence and you’re asked if you see it, say yes. Say exactly what you see and nobody will kill you for it. Do not lie! Do not lie. My son, this cup I put into your hand, this precious cup I give you, I don’t want any wrinkle. I want to make you as an example on this earth. I want everybody to see it. My son, I am going to do something on this earth. I have told you before. I am about to do something and everybody will see it. People will run to you for solution. My son, this earth will not be good again; it’s only Me that will repair it. I am just telling you. Nobody is good; everybody is evil. I am going to do something on this earth and I’m starting it now. I have told you before. I am the One that’s talking My son. I am the One. Things are going to happen on this earth; very rough. Everywhere will be rough. It will be rough. Let your hand be clean. Be sincere in everything you do. Be truthful in everything you do. Don’t let any stain be in your heart. If somebody offends you, wipe that person away from your heart immediately. Forgive that person immediately. Don’t put it into action because he offended you and you too want to take revenge; no. The battle is for your Father. He knows how He will fight it. He promised you He will disgrace all your enemies. He will make all your enemies your footstool. That is what your Father said. Do not harbour any evil in your heart. Do not lie because of what you want to eat. Do not try it My son. The Father is a Holy Father. The Father is here with you twenty-four-seven. He is here with you seeing everything you’re doing. If not because of flesh, there is a way I control Myself. If I act too much, you will be scared. I am doing it gently as if I’m a human being. There is a way I will act, you will be afraid My son. I will take over the whole atmosphere; it will shock you like an electric. I don’t want to do it because you will be scared. I created this earth to come and visit and go. I did not create it to come and live. I created this earth for My children to live, for flesh, not for Spirits. There is a limit to My action. Those who say they will never do My will, I will deal with them. Leave them for Me. Those who say they don’t want to do My will, I am their Father; it’s very easy for Me to do. You will see and you’ll hear. You will see it with your naked eyes. This earth will not yield good fruit again. No good fruit will come out of it again. All of them have signed evil; if you do me evil, I’ll do you too. When you do me little evil, I will do you big time. What are you sowing into the hearts of the remaining ones? Is it not evil? We are eight in number, you take seven away and it remains only me; will I keep quiet for you? Does the Father like it? You will see what’s about to happen My son. When I do My things, it’s a reality. I have spoken a lot to you concerning this message. I’m only begging you My son, let your yes be yes and let your no be no. Do not be afraid of anybody. Do not be afraid because of what you’re going to eat because your Father is a Great Provider. When I come into your life, I know your situation and I know what you’re passing through. However, I want you to eat every day; that is My concern. No evil will befall you; that is My concern. You have enough over there (in Heaven). The people I chose in the time of old, they did not pursue wealth. That is what I want to do for you. Wealth itself has its own Spirit. They ate; they did not die of hunger. Did you hear they died of hunger? If they commanded food to come, it would come. I’ve given you the authority. Whatever you want, command it and it will come. I have given you the power. Yours is just to command and you’ll see it. My own is for you to do My work for Me. I am not concern of the things of this earth. I am only concern of the things of My throne. I have given you the power; I have given you the authority. The power is in your mouth. The wealth is already there and the Father is not coming with any wealth again. The power is in your tongue. What the Father concerns about is for you to do His will without wrinkle, wholeheartedly, faithfully, without spot, without argument, without being sorrowful; so that the remaining people will emulate you. When evil falls, it will not come near you. Then they will come and ask you question how you do it. You will tell them it’s your Father; that when you say yes, you don’t say no; when you see black, you don’t call it white. That is why I’m warning you to be truthful in everything. Don’t let the devil say, oh, look at Your son You’re proud of. Your Father is not a wicked Father. Guide yourself in every area. Do not be loose. Guide yourself.

I created this earth beautifully, beautiful and comfortable for My children to live. They could not say, oh, I could not live here, the sun is like fire, it’s burning me. I did it for My children to live. I purposely created the earth the way it is. There are some seeds that grow on one part of the soil that will not grow in another part. I purposely created it like that so that My children can transfer them as they wish. My son, I know how I did everything. As you see human being with different colours; that’s how I created the soil too. I wanted them to mix everything together. As I did it with the flesh, that’s how I did it with the soil. Whatever seed is not growing on one part can be transferred to the other part. These are the people that brought this seed to us, they are our sisters, they are our brothers; we will not do them any evil. That is how I want it. Do you know more than the Father? I that did it like that know why I did it. If I created everything so that each one would have everything, they wouldn't want to live together. There wouldn’t be any mix up. When evil comes, it would be very easy to destroy each other. They will say after all they’re not our brothers; after all they’re not our sisters; no matter what happens to them, let them die. The Father doesn’t want it. That is why He mixed everything up. That was why He said go into the world and multiply. The Father knows why He did it. He wants everybody to be his brother’s keeper. Oh, they don’t have this; let us go and give it to them. You have this, we don’t have it; we have this, you don’t have it; let’s mix everything together. Do you know more than the Father? Why do you choose to do wickedness?

All of them don’t know the Father they’re serving. They are workers of iniquity. They are working in the flesh. If all of them are working in the Spirit, they will know what is happening now. All of them are working in the flesh. Whoever says he’s working in the flesh and wants to enforce his own law when the Father doesn’t approve it will pay for it, because any law that you enforce go a long way; it destroys a lot of things. Before you enforce any law, ask the Father. Father, this is what I want to do; is it good for your children; this law I’m about to introduce to them, is it good for them. The Father will say yes or no. Do not introduce any law by flesh. Whatever law you introduce in flesh destroys a lot of things. There is no other law than the ones the Father has already introduced. The only law you can introduce is a law of sin; that they should stop committing sin. That is the only law and only that law overrides every other law. My Father says we should not commit sin; sin is sin. When you stand on that one, it shall be well with you in everything you do. When you introduce that one, everyone will know his right from his left. When A wants to marry B, there won’t be any need of many prayers. You will know your right from your left. Before you do anything, you will know your Father says you should not do it. Both of them will live together in peace. Somebody that is not doing the will of the Father, you know it yourself that person is not doing the will of the Father; you now join them together in marriage. What do you think will happen? When the problem comes, what happens? You now say the person should die in it, he should not come out. My son, I am the One that’s talking. No one should introduce any law from the flesh. If you do that, you will pay for it. Tell everybody to forsake sin. Let that one be the ringtone of your message. My Father says we should forsake sin. My Father says we should forsake sin. What are the sins my Father says we should forsake? We should not steal. We should not gossip. We should not backbite. We should not be an adulterer; we should not be an adulteress. We should not be fornicators. We should not bear false witness. We should not convert another man’s property to our own. We should not lie. When you do all these ones, and two people come together in marriage, won’t there be peace in the house? We should not connect our Spirit to another spirit to do evil! You say you’re inside your Father; you are in witchcraft to pollute your partner. Is that the will of your Father? And you say you’re inside your Father. You are tormenting somebody spiritually and nobody can see it. You are tormenting somebody spiritually and the person is crying, he’s dying; but nobody can see it. You are using your evil to torment your partner and you say two of you are one. You should not enforce any law in flesh because there is implication. Ask your Father before you do anything. Let that sin alone be the ringtone in their ears. Do not commit sin. Everything the Father says you should not do, don't do it. When you join them together with the law of flesh, there will be a lot of destruction. Let everybody be spiritual. Let your eyes open and see who you want to marry. When your eyes are opened and you see that the person you want to marry is not a human being, she’s an animal; you will know what to do. You will run away, you will not marry that person. Therefore, that law they use to chain people down will not chain you down. If you’re in the flesh and you enter inside that marriage, the law will chain you down and you’ll die in it. The woman will torment your soul with her witchcraft and nobody will know it until you’re dead. And when you die, you’re going to hellfire. They should not introduce any law by flesh. They should always ask the Father before they do anything. They should be spiritual! Let all of them be on alert. Let them know the Father they’re serving. They should not serve the Father in flesh. After all, things of this earth mean nothing to me; it’s my Father I’m pursuing, it’s my Father I want. My son, will money bring problem in this house? No; money will never bring problem because it’s your Father you want. If my husband doesn’t give me money, I don’t care because I know where I’m going; my Father will meet all my needs; He will make a way where there is no way. That is your confession. That is your confession. Let all of them learn to be spiritual, to forsake everything of the flesh. There will be peace for them.

All of them, nobody knows Me My son; I’m still saying it again. Nobody knows Me. They are all of flesh. There is no single Spirit in them. There is no Spirit of light in them. Not even one! All of them are working in flesh. Flesh has taken over everything. When you’re inside your Father, you will know your right from your left. You will know what is good and what is bad. Before you say anything to your husband, you will weigh it; you will think over it if it will bring quarrel or not. Will this word change my husband’s being immediately? When you are in the Spirit, there will be no quarrel. If you haven’t eaten for a whole day, nobody will know. Both of them will join hands together in everything they do. However, when you’re working in the flesh, when a problem comes, the house will be thorn. The house that supposed to be a Christian home will become a house of thorn; battle field. What then are you showing others? Tell them they should not introduce any law by flesh. They should forsake sin. Let all of them be spiritual. That work of the Father is what will take all of them home. That work of holiness is what will take them home, not the things of this earth. When the flesh dies, nothing anybody can do. If the husband travels away from his wife for some weeks, nothing will happen because they are both in the Spirit. The body will die. Their focus will be on the Father. If the devil comes with temptation, they will rebuke him because they are in the Spirit. But when you’re in the flesh, you as a woman, when temptation comes, you will open your legs. You will open your legs because you are serving your Father with your mouth. When you open your legs, do you think it just ends like that? It will destroy your home and destroy the church of God. I am the One that’s talking. My son, tell them they should learn how to be spiritual. They should not enforce any law in the flesh. They should be spiritual. If they are spiritual, they will see the Father raw. The law the Father introduced from the beginning is still there. They should go and learn it. They should let that law be ringing in their heart. They should know their body is the temple of the Father. Flesh has destroyed many of them. They are doing everything in flesh. They are workers of iniquity. It’s in My word. All of them are workers of iniquity. Tell them I am the One speaking. If they want to challenge Me, let them come and challenge Me. They should not enforce any law in flesh.

My son, when they were told not to divorce and there is no peace in that home, what are they going to teach others? What are they going to teach them? Tell them, let the person decides either to remarry or not. The decision belongs to him. If he says he doesn’t want to remarry, that means he can stand on his own. That means he will not lust after flesh; he will hold himself. That decision is left for him. My son, how can you marry a woman at home and she’s opening her legs for every man outside? How can you stand? This one comes, he goes in; another one comes, he goes in. How will you feel? Other people see her outside saying this woman is a man of God’s wife. What seed are you sowing into people’s lives? My son, I don’t want to speak again. I will kill people! People will die! Do not ask Me any question again. I will kill many people. This one that’s about to happen will teach all of them lesson. They will ask questions ‘what should we do, what should we do’. I have told you, death is death. It can come at any time. But I will make sure I take you away. It may be your water that you’re drinking that will kill you. It may be your car that you’re driving that will kill you. But I will make sure I take you away. Whatever happens to you happens. I will make sure I destroy you because you are not doing My will. But if you are doing My will, when the calamity comes, I will protect you. You will be among those who will survive. They are not doing My will. They are working for their belly; they are not working for their Father. All of them are working for their belly. Tell them that I (you know My name) the Almighty say they are not working for their Father. If they’re working for their Father, I will see the fruit of the Father everywhere. All of them are working for their belly; they are gathering wealth for themselves. All the whole work they’re doing, they are only doing it for themselves. They are workers of iniquity. They are not working for the Father. They are working for their belly. They want to eat; they want money. If they are working for their Father, how many of them will say, oh, my co-pastor, this is what God wants to do. The other one too will say, oh, I saw it. The Spirit of God is one. All of them are workers of flesh. Whoever is working in the Spirit will know I am the One as he’s reading this message.

My son, somebody married and there was a problem in the marriage; when there was a problem, could the work of God move forward? They now divorced and he was driven away from the church because he divorced. He now went to form his own church. My son, if he works well, if he does the will of the Father, the Father will receive him wholeheartedly. If you don’t have peace, you cannot work for your Father. If you don’t have peace in your house, you cannot work for your Father. He that said he doesn’t want to marry that woman again knows the reason. Something is wrong somewhere. That means both of you are not in the same line. I have said it before. If two people are not meant together, they are not doing the will of the Father together, there will be a problem. When one says this thing you are doing is not good and the other one says she will not stop; can there be peace? There will be a problem. The work of the Father cannot move forward. But if you say both of them should continue to be together, that means they will abide in lies. When both of them are lying to each other, they will take the lie to the church of God. When somebody is fornicating and your wife is doing the same thing, you cannot speak. After all, my wife is fornicating. Do you have mouth to challenge that person? She will say don’t talk to me because your wife is doing the same thing too. If your wife is stealing, you don’t have mouth to say anything to anybody because you’re doing it too. You are doing it! But when both of them are clean and they filter themselves, they will enjoy it. My son, it is there in My word. If two people are not fit to be together, they can depart. If you know you can’t stay alone, you can remarry. You that want to marry know the reason; so that you will close your eyes to every other person. But if you say you want to remain that you can hold yourself, because you want to carry on with the work of the Father; you can do so. I’m talking about those who have the mark of the Father. I cannot hold myself, my flesh will fail me. Yes, you can go and remarry. You that put that one away know why you did so. If you are inside your Father, you have the mark of the Father on your body, you cannot put your wife away anyhow; there must be a reason for it. It’s only you that can put asunder. I have told you before. It’s only you that can put asunder. You that wear your shoe know where the shoe is hurting you. Oh, this shoe is hurting me, I’m still going on a long journey; let me remove it and put on another one; this journey is implicative if I don’t finish it; let me wear another shoe. Your Father is not a confusion Father. Before you introduce any law, ask your Father. My son, I have spoken about marriage three times. Have I changed My mouth? If somebody falls, that is not the end of him. The person can rise again. Why did you fall? He will look at the ground and know why he fell. When you rise again, you will come out with full force. People will say, oh, this man fell; it was because of the shoe he was wearing; look at him now the way he’s walking with full strength. Nobody knows more than the Father. It’s the Father that’s speaking. Anybody that wants to rebel against the word of the Father will receive the punishment. Anyone that wants to reject the word of the Father and wants to introduce his own law will see it, because as they’re teaching all these children that law, it destroys them. Let them walk in the Spirit. Let their flesh die. Let their eyes open. Anyone that wants to marry, let the Father show them who to marry. The Father will show you in a different way if you are in the Spirit. There is no need for you to take that woman to any man of God for prayers because you yourself, you’re a fire. When you see the woman, the Spirit of the Father will open your eyes to know that she is the one. Both of you will be one. Both of you will have one Spirit. Even if there is a dispute, both of you will settle it amicably and nobody will hear it outside. But when both of you are not doing the Father’s will, if anything happens, everybody will hear it. I have told you before. They should not give position to people anyhow in the church. They should let them pass through fire like the time of old. They should try them. They should examine them before they give them any position in the church so they can feed their Father’s children with better word. You cannot change devil; you cannot change demon. The devil is the devil; the demon is a demon; witchcraft is witchcraft. If she doesn’t have the Spirit of the Father, she will use the spirit of witchcraft to destroy that home. She will destroy that home! When the man says this is what we are going to do; she will say no, we will follow my own law; because she trusts in her own power. When the house is on fire, ordinary flesh will say he doesn’t know what is going on; but if you’re in the Spirit, you will know what’s going on. What will you tell the man? He should die there! They should walk in the Spirit. They should let their eyes open and know where they are going. When they are in the Spirit, not only in their house; it will favour them everywhere. Even your neighbour; oh my sister, this is what God showed me about you. Oh my brother, God is with you. How many of them now My son? How many of them? How many of them that God will say they should go and meet somebody? Nobody! They are working for their Father and they can’t hear from their Father. Their eyes are blind and their ears are blocked. They cannot hear anything. All of them are working in the flesh. How many of them! Everything that is happening now, who will I tell! Those I even told could not say it out because of fear. They are afraid. I told some people what I’m about to do. They are afraid. The Father is not afraid of anybody. He will do whatever He says He will do. Let all of them sanctify themselves. Let them clean themselves so they can hear from their Father. Whenever the Father sends message, they will not doubt, because anyone that doubts the word of the Father digs his grave. My son, I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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