You Cannot Change My Word

The Father speaks

(Sunday 12th August 2012, 12:20)

I look at men and I laugh. I laugh at them because they are foolish. I look at them because all of them will waste away. I look at the earth and I laugh. I look at the work of men and I laugh. Men are serving themselves everyday. They are not serving the Almighty God. That is why I laugh at them. Can you change God? Man can never change God. You can never use your brain to change God. Can you see God? Can you see the Almighty God? Even those He created in the beginning did not see Him how much more you. You use your imagination to do foolish things everyday and you say it’s from God. Who told you it’s from God? Can you see God? Where did He speak to you? Where did He talk to you? Can you see Him? You cannot see God. You use your own imagination to do things that make the children of the Father go on their own way and you say it’s God. Can you see God? Is He not God that founded the foundation of good? Does He do evil? He founded the foundation of good and He maintains it. He never does evil. He maintains His holiness. Anyone that does evil, He knows how He does him. The Father stands every day, look at His children, and laugh. Can you tell Me how the Father communicated with His children in the time of old? Can you tell Me! The people you’re reading about in the Bible are human being like you. How did He communicate with them? They heard from the Father. The Father communicated with them. The stories are there. He communicated with them and the stories are there. Either you like it or not, the Father is still alive. Either you like it or not, the Father remains as He is. The Father keeps quiet because every man goes on his own way. All of them go on their own way. They have all gone far away from the Father. They choose what they want. But the same Father spoke to His children one-on-one. It’s like a baby that is crying. The mother will run to feed her baby. But in a situation whereby the baby is crying and the mother says they should leave him to cry, that means he cries everyday. I’m tired of that baby, let him cry. That is how it is with the Father and His children nowadays. Why? You eat, you cry; you drink, you cry. You only know how to cry. Everything I do for you, you only cry. Why? Because you have forsaken the Father! The line I choose for you to follow, you forsake it. You want to eat and die on this earth, what of the place the Father prepared for you. What about the will of the Father you have to follow so you can come home? You forsake it! The same Father that spoke to His children in time of old is the same Father. If you’re close to the Father, He will speak to you. Is the Father a wicked Father? He crowned everything with His Son Jesus Christ.

Right from the beginning of that Book (the Bible), the Father used every means to rescue His children. As He’s rescuing them, they go on their own way. Now I keep quiet. You will die. It’s either you kill yourself or somebody kills you. You will kill yourself through what you’re not supposed to do that you’re doing. You will kill yourself through the food you’re not supposed to eat that you’re eating. You will kill yourself by going to where you’re not supposed to go. Why? Because you have forsaken the Father! And when you die, you’re going to hellfire. However, if you say ‘Father, I will follow You and Jesus Christ’, then I will accept you. If you say no, you want to follow them, when you die, you’re going to hellfire. I am the One that created everything. Everything is Mine! Wherever you know you want to go, you will choose it with your hand. If you know that when you die, your spirit will continually hover around the earth, you can choose it. If you want to go to the resting place (heaven) after you die, you can choose it. If you want to go to hellfire after you die, you can choose it. If you also want to go to the dark planet after you die, you can choose it. Everything is in your hand. Nothing changes the Father. Since this Word (the Bible) came out, have you seen anyone that brought imitation of it? Nobody! My son, tell them that I, the Almighty God says as they know how to cajole word, how to put new law, can they change My Word. I am the One that said it! As they know how to translate everything, as they know how to interpret everything, ‘oh, Holy Spirit says’, can they change My Word. That is the question I want you to ask all of them. Holy Spirit says when the Holy Spirit did not say! Can they change My Word? They can interpret it as they like, but can they change it. I am the One speaking! Can they change My Word!!! Tell them I’m hearing every message they’re teaching My children! Send this message to them today. Every message they’re teaching My children, I’m seeing everything. They are sending My children to hellfire. But can they change this Word (the Bible)? They can only interpret it as they want, but they cannot change it. Because Holy Spirit is not there with them to teach them what the word means, because they’re following the things of this earth. As they’re following the things of this earth, that is how they’re teaching My children. As what you’re serving is, so you are. When you serve idol, you will be like an idol. When you serve human being, you serve idol. When you serve God Almighty, you will be a Spirit and every word that will come out of your mouth will be a Spirit and it will edify the church of God. It will work in the church of God. However, when you’re serving idol, when you’re looking for wives, when you’re looking for money, what happens to you? Then you will misinterpret the Word of the Father. You cannot change this Word (the Bible). Bring ten Bibles and read each one from beginning to the end, they are all the same. Nobody can change My Word. Tell them the Almighty Father says they can interpret the Word to suit them, but they cannot change it. I used human being like them to write this Word. Though man failed Me, but I still used man to write this Word. As I’m with them right from the beginning, I’m still with them to the end. Even though man failed, I am still with them. When they ate the fruit in the Garden, if I didn’t say it out, could they know? In each generation, those who are faithful to Me, I reveal Myself to them. As you read My Word, those who obeyed Me, I visited them. That was why I chose Noah. Tell them that I, the Almighty God say they cannot change My Word. I am seeing every word they’re using to feed My children. The very day any man gives his life to Jesus through you, I will crown you. And the very day you make any man fall away from Me, I will decrease you. My son, send it to them now.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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