You Will Be Judged

The Father speaks

(Tuesday 8th May 2012, 16:00)

Jesus Christ is the Link. He is the Link to the Father. However, the Spirit of the Father is in all human beings, but there is a limit. There are things you can do and there are things you cannot do. The Spirit of the Father is inside you right from the beginning. You are the son of the Father. The Father is watching over you, taking care of you; but there is a limit. There is a limit without Jesus Christ. Without Jesus Christ, there are things you cannot do. It is like somebody that has hands, but cannot use them. That is a life without Jesus Christ. The hands are there; the Father created them for you to use them, but you cannot use them. Why? As you apply Jesus Christ to those hands, that is when they can work. As the hands are working, they connect to the Father as well. The things that cannot flow before will begin to flow through the Father. It is a mystery. It is a mystery. Why is it that I cannot live the life the Father gave to me without Jesus Christ? Yes! Without Jesus Christ, you cannot. That is how the Father did it. That is why He died because of you. His death will never be in vain. Through Him, you can come to the Father. You are dead if you don’t have Jesus Christ, yet you’re a human being. How can I be dead if I don’t have Jesus Christ? That is how the Father did it. In the life of a human being, Jesus Christ plays a big role. That is how He and the Father did it. It was an agreement between both of Them that without You (Jesus), this particular one will not function. You cannot just go there and die for nothing. Without You, nobody can see Me. As you’re going into the world My Son, You are not just going there for going sake. Without You, nobody can see Me. Anyone that lives his life without You lives a useless life, a dead life. Anything can happen to that person. You are on your own. Anybody that calls Your name from his heart and believes that You are My Son, and knows that because of them You died, and they do Your will, they’ve made it. That is it. The place you’re going is already prepared for you. The very day you accept Jesus Christ into your heart, your name is there; your record is there. As you give your life to Jesus Christ, you become His sons and daughters. What then are you supposed to do? You will begin to maintain it. What it takes to be the sons and daughters of Jesus Christ, you will begin to learn it, so that you can be focused on Him. You will begin to see what He wants you to become. However, when you remain in one place, you will go back again. It’s like somebody that was admitted into the school. They know your name and the day you’re admitted into the school. Your record is there, but they cannot see that you’re promoted to another class. When they check the school register, your name is there. Yes, they see your name; but which class are you? You are still in the lower level. It’s like a newborn baby. There is a time to sit, a time to crawl, and a time to walk. When your mates are already walking to school, you’re still there crawling. As you’re crawling on the ground, worms will enter your body because you remain in the same place. But if you can walk, when rain is falling, you can run. If trouble comes, you can jump up, you can climb up. That is how it is.

Yes, you gave your life to Jesus Christ, the things they asked you not to do, you’re still doing them. However, Jesus Christ forgave you the ones you did before, yet you’re still committing sin. The punishment is there waiting for you. Do not call that name in vain. Jesus Christ is the Link to the Father. If you don’t have the knowledge of the Father, there is a place you’re going because you don’t know Jesus Christ. The hands that were given to you, you fail to use them. It’s like somebody that was admitted into the school but never sat for the exam. You are just there. How can you go to the next class? You gave your life to Jesus and you were not taught about the Father and His Son. It’s not about fashion; it’s not highlife. If you think that’s how it is, you will pay for it. That is why all of them that call themselves men of God should have taught all these children the implication! My son, do you see all these children, they are logos of hellfire! They are logos of hellfire. Don’t go to church as if you’re going to the pub or club, as if you’re going to worldly party. You are digging your grave My dear! You are digging your everlasting grave. It is better for you not to give your life to Jesus Christ than to give your life to Him and still go your own way. The Father means business. The Father that killed His Son means business. For the Father to kill His only Son, He means business. It’s very painful. In the time of old when the Father has not brought His Son, what did He do with them? He killed them! He never allowed them any breathing space. He killed them instantly! If you offended Him, He killed you instantly without giving you a second chance. When the Father says I don’t like what you’re doing, stop it; don’t do it again. He is the One that created you. He knows your weakness and your strength. Don’t do it again! It’s an abomination to Him. It’s an abomination. He doesn’t like it. Do not do it. He will never pardon you. Who told you that if you give your life to Jesus it’s merry galore? Who told you? You mean business! You cannot wait for the implication because you will die. If you can starve yourself on this earth just to do the will of the Father, how much more when you’re in that pull of fire. I don’t pray for anybody to go there. I am the One speaking! Don’t pray to go there (hellfire). Hence, you cross over to that side, I turn My eyes away from you. There is no second chance. There is no pardon. That is the instruction I gave. They don’t pardon people there. There is no pardon because the instruction is there. Oh, let me see the principal, I will explain myself. No! It’s not earthly school where you can explain yourself to the principal. I know what I’m saying. While you were here on earth, they told you constantly and you refused. You thought those who were telling you were troubling your life.

If the Father could send His Son to go to the earth and the Son never go on His own way. He trusted the Father and He finished the race. That is why whenever you mention the name of Jesus Christ, He is the Link to the Father. Nobody can abandon Him. Without Jesus Christ, you cannot see the Father. That is certain and perfect. There is nothing anybody can do. Whoever honours Jesus Christ honours the Father. Remember the Son. The Son bought everybody for the Father. Whenever you call Him, He is there for you. We are always together. We never separate. My son, I am the One that purposely come down to teach you. I am the I am that I am. I am the Ancient of Days. I am the Authority. I am the One and nobody can drive Me away! Who is that person? I am not a farmer that planted his farm, hires labourers there to work and folds back his hands. No, I am not like that. I am the Owner of My farm and this earth is My farm. Nobody can see Me but I am seeing everybody. The fact that I hire labourers to work for Me doesn’t Me I’m far away. I know everything. All My children are connected to Me.

It is better for you not to know Him (Jesus Christ) so that everybody will know you’re in darkness. If you claim you know Him, then you know you have a lot of work to do. They will use it against you because your record is there. If it’s backbiting, you will tell. If it’s converting people’s properties to yours, you will tell. You will explain yourself. It’s not a club. Oh, this is how they’re doing it, let me do it too. No! It’s not like that. When you give your life to Jesus, you have work to do. That is why all these ones you see, these children, they are logos of hellfire. By the end of the day, they’ll begin to cry. We don’t know; had I known; so it’s a society. It’s not a society! So we are going to hellfire now. When you give your life to Jesus, somebody must clue you that there is implication. It’s a good thing. The Father did not create any of His children to go to hellfire. So they lured us to enter; now we are going to this place of torment. Because you don’t know the way to heaven. Supposing you know, you could have been happy. You couldn’t have called it a society. So they lured us to enter; look at where we are going now. Yes, because nobody taught you the implication. This house you enter, these are what you will do to maintain it; if you don’t do them, this is what will happen to you. It is by force, you must go to hellfire. They will tell you the reason why you’re going to hellfire because they will open your record for you. It is by force! You will go to hellfire. Now, you have to amend your ways. As it is on this earth when they cannot go back whenever they enter worldly society, that is how it is. The Father’s own is not for evil because He did not create His children to go to hellfire. There is something good and something bad. Those who want to enter worldly society, they enter there because they want money. After they enter, the devil will hold them and they cannot come back. You know where they are going. However, with the Father’s own, that is why the Father teaches you. That is why you’re a pastor, a deacon, an elder in the church! Jesus Christ said go into the world and teach My children. He did not blindfold your eyes. They tell you the implication of it. If you close your ears, it’s left for you. It’s not a society. My son, that is what those who are in hellfire are saying. So they did not tell us. Yes, you will go to hellfire; that is where you will burn. They told you, but you were blind because you needed money. After you have entered, they began to tell you what to bring. But the Father’s one is not like that. If you do this, this will happen to you. That is the Father.

My son, they are saying nobody taught them, but that is not an excuse. Where is My Word? That is why My word is there. When you give your life to Jesus Christ and pastor is teaching on his own because he wants money, why is the Word there? I have said it several times, the Bible is the Word of the Father. If a teacher teaches you and you refuse to do revision, when the exam comes, will you pass? You will not pass, you will fail. When a pastor is going on his own way, the word is there for you to look into it. There are many of them who haven’t been to the church, they gave their lives to Jesus while watching their television. Why? Because they believed! The Spirit of the Father began to lead them and they began to do the will of the Father.

Nobody is pure like the Father. Even Spirits too commit sin. Whenever They send them an assignment on earth, they cannot go back because they commit sin. They too will go to hellfire. If you get to that gate, they will check you. If it’s just little stain, maybe it’s your weakness, they will pardon you. When they see that your offence is grievous, they will open your book and begin to weigh you. From there, you will go to hellfire. If you killed somebody and you knew the consequence of it, you’re not going to heaven, you’re going to hellfire straight. No one is pure like the Father because you are flesh. It may be through the word of your mouth. It may be through the thinking of your heart. Nobody is holy like your Father! Tell them My son! Nobody is pure. The only difference is that the stain is more than each other. It may be through your wife or your children. The Father may pardon you when He looks into your heart. Only the Son (Jesus) is pure, nobody else. That was why He came and surrendered everything. He came for the children of the Father. He did not come for the things of this earth. He came to do the will of the Father. He knew who He was but you people did not know because you’re foolish. That was why you killed Him. If not for Jesus Christ, the earth could have swallowed all of them. All of them that are committing sin should not take Me for a fool because they will pay for it. They will pay for it! When they eat with their full belly and are teaching nonsense, they’re committing sin and they hide it because nobody sees their inside. Yet they’re teaching people nonsense on the pulpit. They are preaching grammar. They could have opened up their hearts and preach the truth. It’s not wealth! Wealth will go, everything will go, and the Father will judge you. As you stand there preaching, your own is waiting for you. Everybody is looking at you very high like somebody on top of a tower. There is no exemption! Everybody will go through it. You are preaching and everybody is looking at you as if you are everything. Who told you? You carry your own in your hand. They will judge you. They will judge you. You carry your own in your hand. They will judge you. Don’t think they will pardon you. Who told you? They will judge you. Oh my Father, please help me so that They will not reject me on that day; Father, please teach me how to teach these children so that my work will show; Holy Spirit descend on me so that the truth I speak will speak for me by the end of the day. Without Holy Spirit, you cannot teach. You are dead in your body. How can Holy Spirit enter you? You gather everything and put it in your body. How can Holy Spirit enter? You are now teaching in the flesh, with grammar because of the school you attended. When Holy Spirit enters you, if there is an error in your body, He will tell you that money you have, go and give it to somebody; that house you have, go and give it to somebody; that your car, give it away. Why? Because Holy Spirit enters you. People will think you are mad. You are not mad; it’s because the Holy Spirit has entered you. That is all about the things of the Father. He will use you as an example for others. Oh Father, I am sorry; help me out; you, go and start living in that my house; let them begin to use the money and pay for these children’s school fees. My son, many of them are working in the flesh. My son, the Father will pay them their handwork. Everything you acquire, who will eat them? Your children? Then where is your Father? What did you teach your children? You leave wealth for them so that they too can go to hellfire. What is the essence of the wealth you have? Is it not good for you not to have wealth so you can teach the children the way of the Father? Is it not good? Empty yourself so that the children will know the Father. When you know the Father, you have everything. You are now piling everything up in the bank. Oh my children, you will not suffer. But you say you’re a servant of God! You are a servant of God teaching people, look at your sons, and look at your daughters. They are inside mess. They are logos of hellfire. Show example from your house to the people. You are a servant of God. You are pampering them to keep them for hellfire to be burnt. Isn't it? Yet you say you’re a servant of the Father. My children, I know you need money, but I will give you what will make you remember me wherever I am; I want to teach you about my Father which is also your Father; the Father in heaven, Son and Holy Spirit. If you do this, you have won. But what do you do? My son, you know that bank over there is yours; that estate down there is yours. What for! What for! If the Father wants wealth-wealth-wealth and didn’t want those that died to come to Him, why then did He bring His Son? If He loves wealth, the same Father that killed the children in the time of old, why did He bring His Son? He killed them in the time of old because of sin. Why did He bring His Son if He loves wealth? Anyone that calls himself a servant of God is not just doing ordinary work. Without Holy Spirit teaching you, you will fail. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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